Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Rhydian Roberts lookalikee #2

By now every one should be in agreement that whenever you look at Rhydian you think to yourself that rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together.

But what if you think of something else...what if you think that Rhydian looks like someone familiar. Is it him? Is it Paul Gascoine?

The Rhydian Effect: Werewolves in Wales

Whilst trawling the newspapers for info on Wales Greatest Singing Bench Presser I found the following:

A HALF naked man up a tree sparked a major police operation after he refused to come down.The man woke neighbours by crying and howling like a wolf when he climbed the tree in Cathays, Cardiff, early today. After refusing to come down, the police were called and they blocked off the road surrounding the tree on the corner of Cathays Terrace and Maindy Road.
A witness said: “He’s been there since the X Factor finished on the telly. At first I thought it was a dog howling, he was crying. I came out to have a chat with him but he just said ‘leave me alone, it’s my tree’"
Not only can the Rhydler quieten Celine Dion he is turning the sane into tree climbing werewolves. later in the story....

Onlookers said that the unshaven man, who had blonde spiky hair, was covered in mud and only wearing a pair of black tracksuit bottoms and had kicked off his shoes under the treeBlond spiky hair!
read the story here

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