Saturday, 15 December 2007

Rhydian Robbed by Rob Roy

MP3:Rhydian: You Raise Me Up
Somewhere MP3:Rhydian: Oh Holy Night MP3: Rhydian: When You Believe
What can you say! Except, maybe, back Malcolm Middleton's alternative Xmas No:1


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Rhydian: Vote NOW!

Vote for Rhydian NOW on:

0901 6161 103

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Rhydian: King Rocker

The final hasn't even started and already the accolades and awards for Rhydian have begun.
In today's Guardian Guide in the feature Gong Show, Rhydian wins the category 'Best Use of Billy Idol's Hair' To quote:"While most singers go for a more obvious 'do'...TV star the Rhyddler realised the merit of pop-punk's greatest icon and channelled his determined spirit through his follicles. As long as Rhydian has his Idolesque, bleached blonde spikes, his voice won't fail him"
Is there time for Danniii to change one of tonights songs to King Rocker. Please!
Other news, BBC are reporting that the betting odds show that Rhydian has it all sewn up. When asked about this Simon Cowell is reported as saying, "As far as I'm aware it's tighter than a gnat's chuff...keep voting"
video~Generation X:King Rocker

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Friday, 14 December 2007

Rhydian: Uptown Top Ranking

It's hard to believe that the journey is nearing the end. Soon the train that is X Factor will be pulling into the final station. Everyone will disembark, Rhydian to jump onto a different train heading to the city of Super-stardom. Leon and Same Difference will try and cadge a job working the buffet and the rest of us, holding our platform tickets, will wave them on their merry way, ... anyway, enough of train metaphors. What I really want to talk about is me, and where this website has got to in Google. Most visitors coming via a Google search arrive on expected searches such as 'Rhydian', 'Is Rhydian Gay', 'What song did Rhydian sing...' However there are far more interesting ways to get here. Here are the best.
leon jackson ratboy (number 1 on Google)
the anagrams of Rhydian Roberts Sir Hydrant Bore (1) and His Bandy Terror (1)
worst girl band in history (2) a post of mine about Hope. Number 1 is about the band The Shaggs
same difference pooper scooper (2)
Rhydian Iran (1) ; stagefright leon (4) ;Rhydmeister (3) ; Rhydian in the Simpsons (1) ;Welsh Minstrel (5) Number 1 is about thoroughbred horses.
And the one I am most proud about It looks like Marmite is back in fashion (1)
Slightly dissappointing are the following:
dreary power ballad (page 2) for a post about Niki
Rhydian wipe clean bookmark (2) beneath the Money Saving Expert forum!!!!
scary twins sing (nowhere to be seen but a no:1 for james Mastersons blog entry about Same Difference)

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Rhydian:Bits and Bobs

From the Stage where The Bandy Terror, Leon, has obviously made a big impression, "tonight should be a two horse race between Rhydian and Same Difference – I’m not even sure what the other boy is called."
Blog hip young gunslinger(don't be a rock singer) are the first blog to jump ship. Concerned that Rhydian is singing, " shades of operatic shit instead of donning the sailor gear and wowing the crowd" they have switched allegiance to Same Difference. The motto they quote, "A Vote against Same Difference is A Vote For the Bullies" is actually a facebook group here which is well worth a read for the fabulous sarcastic quotes readers have written on their wall. Comments such as:
"How do you vote against them? Is there a seperate number? Can I have it?"
"I moved to South London and lost my faith in humanity. Then I saw Same Difference and I was healed."
and my favourite
"Earlier today I was on an ice rink and I saw this young boy performing Michael Jackson on ice skates and these bullies came over and pushed him over saying "You'll never be a pop star". I wanted to cry.Then I came home and watched Same Difference on YouTube and my faith too was restored. What God does not give us, Same Difference doth provide"
Because I'm getting kinda nervous, here is a nervous kinda video: talking heads:Psycho Killer

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Rhydian: X Factor News~Jukebox Jewry

Another good summary of the current state of play from OrganGrinder in the Guardian. The piece worryingly titled 'X Factor Final:It's Wide Open' details who is singing what. It doesn't claim it is going to be a close race.
The Social Media Portal has a good piece on the finals, titled, "an epic battle between good and awful" There is much praise for Rhydian then this about Leon, "Judging by his nerves during the semi-final, this week could see Leon forsaking song to showcase a live panic attack instead" And about Same Difference, "Now that only the Nazis are harder to like than you, kindly take advantage of the glut of illegal weapons on the streets of Britain, and do the right thing." Seems a bit harsh.
And for a Jewish perspective of the X Factor I recommend you read Totally which has an article perfectly titled Jukebox Jewry. In it they state that , "Not everyone in the Jewish community agrees that the Welsh warbler is Leona's rightful heir." But then they canvas leading members of the community to get their opinions. Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, Head of Community Development of Liberal Judaism prefers SD for their cheesiness and the good role model they set for family values. But almost all the rest agree that Rhydian should win including Jon Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies who says: “According to the rest of my family, the blond chap who looks like he is from outer space should win, so I will follow their expert advice and agree!” Good man!

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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rhydian: Bring Back The Glitter

A quick post to start the campaign to return the glam to the best X Factor contestant ever.
1) A memorable Slogan:
Bring Back the

2) An embedded video showing how it was and could be again

X Factor Rhydian Let's Get This Party Started
Uploaded by jo2306
3) I have changed the wallpaper for the blog background. Instead of the previous dull grey I have used a small square from a picture of Rhydian singing Get The Party Started. To make it even more exciting the square of glitter I used is from the crotch area.

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Rhydian: Final Songs / Reasons to Vote for Rhydian # 1324

Stars on Sunday moves one day forwards and switches channels to ITV. Rhydian will sing three hymns on the show this Saturday. Oh Holy Night, You Raise Me Up (with Katherine Jenkins for some reason) and Somewhere again. The highlight of the show will be Kylie possibly committing career suicide singing Better the Devil You Know with tuneless, bandy legged Scot, Leon.
video: Cartman: Oh Holy Night
Apart from the obvious star quality, looks, baritone voice and dignified behaviour...The Silver Knight must win the Singing Joust because he has a burning desire to become a star. He doesn't want victory to escape poverty, right past wrongs, because he hates his life or because he received a message in a dream from his dead pet rabbit telling him to enter. He wants to become a star. This is actually quite a good reason.
Of course we want our minstrels to have a back story and to have struggled, but we want them them to have that desire for fame. A positive reason for wanting stardom, not negative.
Did you ever hear Elvis saying, “Uh...I'm doing this for my little baby twin brother Jesse who died during childbirth, Ma'am” No of course not!

The only other contestants that seem to have this fire, once you ignore the dreadful bullying backstory that the show's producers have hammered out time and again, are Same Difference. They want to entertain you so bad it hurts. They love being on the stage. That and the fact that Louis (a man who has cursed the world with Boyzone and Westlife) dislikes them should make us wish them well and maybe send a vote their way too. Say one vote for every ten you give Rhydian. If every Rhydian fan did this then Leon could end up third.
Think about it.
video: Stone Roses: I wanna Be Adored

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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Faeces fixated factor judge Sharon Osbourne (64) has, like a rabid dog, savaged Danniii Minogue, mentor of 2007 winner Rhydian. The woman who created Ozzfest and managed Lynsey de Paul is reported as saying "She knows she's there because of her looks, not because of her contribution to the music industry." Dannii is quoted as recently saying that sitting on a judging panel of "older people" makes her feel "younger and prettier". Simon Cowell was asked for a comment...a spokesman said, "Simon has never been and never will be gay"
Rhydian has made his latest blog entry. He is excited by the forthcoming final and says that he was sad to see Niki go...apparently she used to cook a marvellous shepherds pie.
He is looking forward to Saturday's show and especially singing Scott Walker's 'Montague Terrace' , Tom Jones 'Thunderball' and his duet where he joins Kylie Minogue and they sing 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' from Nick Cave's Murder Ballads (Rumours are that Nick Cave will appear in the show to give Rhydian a coaching session in looking moody).
Actually he will be singing three dull ballads, but we can dream
video~Nick Cave & Kylie:Where the Wild Roses Grow
video~Tom Jones: Thunderball

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X Factor eXecration #3

The Rhydian Factor is so confident of a Rhydian victory we have a guest writer that doesn't even like him - although no doubt that will change once she has had more exposure to him. What other fan blog does that? Lightupvirginmary writes a blog called Exitainment (vitriolic reviews, mainly focused on trashy TV) and now is featured in The Rhydian Factor
News hit Digital Spy today that Kylie will be performing with Leon at this Saturday's final. I thought they'd drag her out at some point. Are they going to do a swing version of I Should Be So Lucky? Will Dannii be seething inside? Will Louis DARE make a cheeky joke about it? The report also says that Rhydian will be singing with Katherine Jenkins and Same Difference will perform with Jason Donovan. Is it me or did SD draw the short straw here BIG TIME? It's like saying Leon gets to go out with Angelina Jolie, Rhydian gets to cop off with Scarlett Johansson and Same Difference get to hang out with the Chuckle Brothers. Yeah, good luck winning the final with that one, SD. Aww, I feel kind of mean slagging off Jason Donovan. I loved him when I was about 9. Ah- I get why he's been teamed up with Same Difference now. So can Leon win with Kylie on his side? I don't see why not. Ryhdian can be defeated! *evil cackle*

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Rhydian:Reasons to Vote for Rhydian #213/Fashion

Ignore the fact that he has the best voice, the most personality, superior hair, interesting, if unusual dance moves and superior moral of the main reasons that the Rhydler deserves our vote this coming weekend is for that glitter suit and fur coat combination that he wore during Get the Party Started.
A key moment in his 'journey'. When it was first announced that Rhydian was going to do Pink some wag quipped, "Does her husband know?" Whatever, it was a perfect performance. Starting in the audience, oozing star quality. Twirling the fur coat and throwing it away - his only mistake as he planned it to cover Louis's ugly mug - to reveal the world sparkliest suit. The sort of suit that could make you be seen from the moon yet still didn't detract from a sublime vocal performance. The song also contains my favourite Rhyd vocal moment, right at the end, where he squeals, "right now".
Get your dialing fingers ready.
There is a superb humorous article all about X Factor Fashion in the Times which asks the pertinent question whether the show is more about clothes than music, " minute you’re fighting back the tears because a contestant has just revealed that her 108-year-old granny has bubonic plague, the next you’re holding your breath in case the metallic “taffeta” sausage tubes encasing Niki set the series’ entire stock of fireworks off in one go"
Mentions of Rhydian's glitter and Alexander McQueen suits are present and correct, but no mention how Sean (from married couple The Same Difference) has gone from dressing like an American high school nerd to his latest black leather jacket and white hoody look in the space of 8 weeks! Now that's a journey.
The blog has detailed lists of what everyone wore: week 8; week 7; week 6

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Rhydian:bits and pieces

The You Tube of Rhydian's performance of You'll Never Walk Alone in Cardiff on Monday is linked to in sidebar. Plus there is an MP3 available there too.
A quick round up of news about Rhydian and the two other final acts.

Rhydian has been offered a part in a forthcoming Little Britain sketch. One can only guess which Little Britain character he will be playing against. There are rumours that Leon will also appear in a sketch, with the hypnotist Kenny Craig who, in the show, will hypnotise X Factor viewers into believing that Leon can sing in tune. Look into my eyes, not around the eyes....
In the final, as everyone now knows, Rhydian may sing a duet with Katherine Jenkins. Leon may be matched with Kylie Minogue. An odd choice as the only thing they appear to have in common is their height. There has been no word as yet on a pair for The Same Difference. Dollar would seem an obvious choice. But if the producers want to double their viewers they should choose that other great duo who play with the idea of whether they are really brother and sister or partners...The White Stripes. Wouldn't it be great to see Meg and Sarah hammering the drums as Jack and Sean share lead vocals on Hotel Yorba
Two more stories about the band they are calling 'Third in X Factor 2007' Same Difference have been turned into insomniacs by the show. And then there is a headline that says Same Difference banned from Having Sex I daren't look. Are the two stories connected? Anyone who knows please leave me a message.

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Monday, 10 December 2007

The X Factor Drinking Game

Another contribution to the Rhydian Factor from lightupvirginmary, exitainment. Tiss just mere days till the grand joust and we beseech you to celebrate Sir Hydrant Bore's victory over The Bandy Terror, not with a common ale, but with the finest meade in the land. My lords and ladies I giveth you:
The X Factor Final Drinking Game!
Your drink of choice, but I suggest measures of one shot or one glass of wine, or one pint of beer... warning, you will be absolutely HAMMERED by the end of this.
You must down your drink in one for any mention of...
'a journey...'
'you've come such a long way'
'that was a very safe performance'
'you'd better do better with your second song'
'the voting is really close'
'I think you're at risk'
'nailed it'
'owned the stage'
Simon saying any of the following...
'world class'
'100%'- one shot
'110%' two shots
'150%'- three shots
'a million/ billion/ trillion percent'- four shots- god help you.
Bonus drinks...
Any of the judges or contestants crying
Dermot crying
Simon alluding to Louis being gay
Louis alluding to Simon being gay
Dannii making an inappropriate whooping sound
Sharon mentioning her kids/ Ozzy
Kelly Osbourne in the audience
Louis dissing Dannii's pop career
Simon winking
Louis squinting
Louis mentioning Westlife
Simon stands up to applaud someone's act
Sharon dances to someone's act
Any past contestants spotted in audience
Any mention of Leona Lewis or Shayne Ward
Any of the judges commenting on the other's plastic surgery/ hair/ teeth
The acts being forced to perform a medley
Louis saying either Beverley or Niki should be in the final
Sharon saying 'I'm impartial'
Any mention of dead relatives/ poverty/ illness/ the awful jobs they will have to go back to
Specialist contestant section (choose your favourite):

If he wears a waistcoat
Any mention of Michael Buble
If he clasps his hands together in prayer
If he mentions how he has to do it for his mum
If he shakes
If he wears something glittery
If they play 'Phantom of the Opera' music to introduce him
Any mention of Wales
Any judge saying 'we're looking at the winner'
If he does an overlong plea for votes and Dermot has to interrupt him
The Same Difference
If they look longingly into each others eyes
If there are more than 10 other people on stage with them (distraction technique!)
Louis shaking his head in disgust whilst they are on
Louis saying anything about Butlins
Any mention of bullying
Any shots of their local working men's club

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Rhydian: bits and pieces

Only a week to go till the Welsh minstrel is crowned Lord of the Singing Joust. So maybe we should join the fans of the one they are calling the Diminutive Des O'Connor on their Bebo site and leave him some fanmail. Don't forget to spell check your comments before you paste them here as they are quite picky and precise when it comes to language,
share the luv
u better get throw anyway no other singer in scotland has went THIS FAR from being 1 MILLION pound singer
YEY leon is mint he is well better than that fuckin ridean with shit hair !!!
Let me spell it out for you. L-E-O-N-C-A-N-T-S-I-N-G-T-O-S-A-V-E-H-I-S-L-I-F-E. He is useless. Him or Rhydian so should have went.
Leon you R gorjus! WOOT WOOT!
A couple of blog entries worth a quick look, the sloth (Ramblings from a Sloth, when I can be bothered!) in a post titled the wuss factor and with a picture of Leon, despairs at the sob stories and tears of this years contestants. All of them, "And then there's Leon, who seems on the verge of tears all the time, even during his flaky performances. He hasn't even got a proper sob story..."
And No damn blog(The rants, raves and ramblings of an author and editor living in the land of the long lunch) "Niki bellows; Leon tremolos; Same Difference franticise. The smell of fear and desperation seeps from the television screen during the X Factor semi-finals.And then along comes Rhydian the magician, who just stands there, legs wide apart, and delivers. No contest."
NB: frantasise : to make oneself frantic, particularly in advance of some event
Other X Factor news: The site and domain name is available to buy NOW...don't all rush at once
A fan of the Silver Knight sent in these anagrams to the Rhydian Factor. Clearly someone with too much time on their hands:
Simon Cowell: Low con slime
Same Difference: Fried semen face
Leon Jackson: A no lens Jock, Clan joke son, and perhaps the best, nan Jock lose
Rhydian Roberts as well as having more in the star and vocal quality departments also wins out in the anagram stakes too. Just some of the good ones:
Following the King Arthur theme we have, Sir Dabfry Heron, Sir Bernhard Toy, Sir Thorny Bread and easily my favourite, Sir Hydrant Bore.
Other good ones, Sherry Riot Band (a great name for a hardcore metal band who like the odd glass of Bristol Cream) , Rabid then Sorry and even one that sounds like it's about Leon, His bandy terror.

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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Rhydian: Conspiracy Theory~The X Factor Files

Yonder I speculated on the meaning of the name Rhydian, the Silver knight, and also Ridian (an alternative spelling for the Welsh minstrel)based on the definitions in the Urban Dictionary. Amazingly the post was picked up by a poster on The David Icke forum (centre for all sorts of dark conspiracy theories, symbolism, UFO and new world orders and speculation thereon). The poster says that Rhydian looks like a strange candidate to win a pop show and then quotes the definition of Rhydian, "The name originates from the reign of the Celtic Emporer Rhydian Dafydd" Hmmm..very strange.
Also they point out a lot of 'special' events happened on his birthday, 14th Feb, in different years. Things like, The Soviet Union adopts the Gregorian calendar, The Bank of England is nationalized, YouTube, a popular video-sharing website, is established and what swayed me into thinking there is something fishy going on, chip and PIN was launched in the UK. Verrrrry strrrrange.
A reply on the forum states, "I also think it’s significant that his back ground for tonight’s performance was illuminated with a PURPLE lighting"
Then someone responds, "IRAN is in the name RHYDIAN" Oh My God..are the hairs standing up on the back of your neck? They are on mine.
And have you noticed the picture I've chosen to illustrate this piece. Is it me or does Scully have just the hint of Dannii Minogue about her? No? Scary stuff!
I urge readers to visit and join and contribute to the David Icke forums. They p*** all over Digital Spy's. Plus, there are no Leon fans there. Visit them, tell them about Same Difference...God only knows what they would make of them.

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Rhydian: Blog reviews of Week 8:The Knight of Silver

juicy uk in a post titled Niki Was Robbed has just about given up on the show, " can idiots like Same Difference, Rhydian and Leon still be in the competition ...I don't give a shit who wins as the final 3 are total jokes i won't be watching anymore its not a talent show anymore."
The ever vitriolic
exitainment (let me waste your time, as well as mine), "To entertain myself this week I decided to cliche spot. Sadly for me, we only got 'the gloves are off', 'dark horse', 'hairs on the back of my neck stood up' (twice), and 'nailed it' 7000 times. Simon's normally good for a 'thousand percent' or two, so shame on him."
"Niki performed one dreary song and one which made Louis nod his head like a little puppy. I like it when he does that. I was glad Niki went 'back to serving beans next week'"
"Leon sang two interminable jazz numbers, shaking like an abused kitten in his dad's suit for the first song... (he) wore leather trousers for his second number, which looked horrible and you couldn't even see his knob. Boo. He looked like he was going to death row, and was lucky to survive, in my opinion. Sort it aht, Leon. We're relying on you in this house to eat next week."
"Dannii missed a trick by not getting Grhydian to sing 'Like a Virgin'! That would have brought the fucking house down."
''The Same Difference' as Michael Buble called them (and it's a much better name) sang one of Simon's favourite gay anthems for the first song. One of the dancers had a Same Difference tattoo! So at least the have one fan for life (or until he has a bath).
New blog discovery,
knights of pain table(A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain) writes its reviews in King Arthur Speak which I like so much I am considering writing in the same style in this blog till the final, "We hath an interest in this Welsh Minstrel, as he is rather lost in time like us in the Kingdom of Camelot. We do not know who he will be each week. His talent is endless. Blessed with a brilliant voice he hath talent in many other areas. This Welsh minstrel appears to be the favourite to conquer this singing joust"
"We loveth the creativity that Rhydian bringeth to this world of ours. We must ride with this Knight of Silver"
Indeed we musth. Boys and girls of the kingdom there are 7 days till we are rid of the scourge of the one we call the Ratboy. Beckon all in this fair land to ride with the Knight of Silver. The singing joust must be his...onwards!

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