Saturday, 8 December 2007

Another view of Week 8

More thoughts on tonight's show from Malcolm @ Mal's Murmurings Blog (check out his excellent paintings) who kindly sent The Rhydian Factor his view:-
Rhydian, even when by his own admission he performed below par, still stands head and shoulders above the rest of the contestants; the big question is how will he perform in the semi-final. He is the consummate professional and, as such, we never expect less than brilliance!
Niki comes on first, trying too hard, competing with her own echo in the a capella intro; a potentially sensual voice performing a dreary song, nothing really special. When it comes to forte, that means harsh!
Danni’s “Braveheart”, Leon the frightened, performs “The Very Thought of You” with a peculiar out of tune tremolo warble. Is the tremolo simply a result of stagefright or an un-natural artistic affectation?
So, two disappointing acts then along comes Rhydian; “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” has never been a favourite of mine but, tonight I’m a convert, an incredible heartfelt performance revitalizes a hoary old chestnut. I find myself almost stunned into silence, during his performance, not for the first time this series.
And now for something completely different, well at least the Same Difference. Cheesy, this brother and sister act may be but, their performance is never less than professional. Is it enough to cause a “Chain Reaction”? Although this number didn’t show their voices, or harmonies, to best advantage, they still managed to enjoy themselves.
The song Niki has chosen to perform in her second spot is “One Moment in Time” and, I start to wonder if she’s already had that moment as she belts out in a shouty dissonant tone; once again forte becomes harsh, her strength has always been in the quieter passages. Too many duff notes for my taste!
Strangeheart returns to sing; the way he stands and moves I suspect he’s just peed himself. “How Sweet It Is” the song, how mediocre the performance although, I’ve got to admit, that for once he was almost in tune. I used to like this song! Michael Buble, Leon’s inspiration, has a lot to answer for. Rhydian's choice is “When You Walk Through A Storm”; I’ve always been wary of this song since Gerry Marsden murdered it in the sixties. Tonight I realize, once more, that it’s a really great song!
A slightly slushier choice comes from Same Difference and, they carry it off perfectly! Whether it’s to my taste …..?

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Rhydian:Week 8 Bridge Over Troubled Water / You'll Never Walk Alone

MP3s~ Rhydian:Bridge Over Troubled Water
Rhydian: You'll Never Walk Alone

Niki, "You could be somebody"
Mickey Bubbles thinks so too,"Niki has raw power" (like Iggy and the Stooges?)
She immediately proves him wrong by dripping her way through another forgettable ballad.
Leon, "A couple of months ago I was singing in my living room" (he doesn't mention the complaints from the neighbours)
Mr Buble, "You have killer control."
And just to show off his control he seems to belch the first note of the song. What follows is one of the most woeful tuneless, swingless performances ever heard. If Frank Sinatra was alive he would be ringing up a Mafia hitman and giving him the address of the TV studio. Now that would make a show.
Rhydian, "Never expected to get this far"
MB, "his voice has knocked me out"
Ladiesss and Gentlemen, It'sssss RRRRhhydiannnn! Dressed in satin he hits a perfect first note. This is coming easy to him No strain, just relaxing into the song. Simon & Garfunkel, sung with a rockstar's legs apart stance. He totally in control when he reaches for the killer long high finish. Perfect! Absolutely World Class!
SD, "We've had pillow fights, we've done everything"
MB, "Not enough Brother and Sister acts!!!!!"
Fire eaters, circus stage props, juggler, clown, wide eyed smiles, crystal ball reader ("I can see you wearing a red coat")muscle man, dancers...pants!
Niki, singing something that is relevant to her and means a lot. I was expecting "Beans Means Heinz" But its yet another dreary power ballad. Time started moving very slowly indeed.
Leon- Mickey Bubble's youngest fan by at least a decade kills stone dead any chance of a swing revival as he moves across the stage like some sort of crab. Old bandy legs is back in town.
Rhydian, a song he loves, but still a slightly odd song. He's been a star almost from the beginning of the competition and he controls this perfectly.You know he can sing almost anything. It's perfection. Let's hope that next week he gets out the glitter, picks an uptempo tune and wipes the floor with whoever is left. Maybe he should show Leon how to do swing?

SD again, And after the obligatory tears they've let the circus behind and sit calm on a park bench. The effects of the sugared fizzy drinks appear to have worn off too. A very dull performance. It is never a good look to combine a leather jacket with a white hoody. Never

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Rhydian: What's in a name #2

What seems like years ago I highlighted definitions of the name Rhydian in the online Urban Dictionary My full post is here and contains Urban Dictionary's most bizarre definition, "Resembles John McCririck in action and appearance"
I have just been told that they have an entry for 'Ridian', a common misspelling of 2007's X Factor winner. Bizarrely the main definition appears to perfectly sum up X Factor runner up (loser) Leon: Ridian: A person who resembles a rabbit in appearance (Big ears buck teeth) and/or personality (hyper and jumpy). In short rabbit + Person = Ridian.
And their example of usage: Dude, stop eating all the carrots! Don't be such a Ridian.
And the entry for Leon is even more unusual: Leon: Characterised by large hair, also known as helmet head. Example of use "My Leon helmet protects me from hail!"

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Friday, 7 December 2007

Rhydian: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Someone E-mailed the Rhydian Factor asking, "what about sex and the Rhydmeister?" Well...what about it. We have had weeks of people asking, is he or isn't he? And then he 'comes out' and says he isn't and even more shockingly he hasn't. EVER!
So many column inches about what he does with his inches. I mean, really. Who gives a flying fuck? And why is it OK, even jokingly, to speculate about someones homosexuality or virginity, yet, have you heard anyone saying, "That Niki - do you think shes hetero, I bet she is?", or "I reckon that girl from Same Difference has had sex before?" (actually I have heard someone say that).

Is it acceptable to make comments about what are essentially private matters as long as they are deemed 'not-the-norm'. ? Someone else e-mailed me saying, "It's OK for Leon to have sex with as many pigs as he likes - as long as the pig is female and it's not Leon's first time with the pig then it is totally acceptable."
Much more interesting news are reports in the Daily Star of straight, virgin, Christian, Rhydian complaining about the show's producers, "They treat us like absolute shit" and how the show works, “It doesn’t seem to matter that we are all here because we are passionate about music. All they want is footage and drama to fill their show. This show is not all it’s cracked up to be.” How's that for biting the hand that feeds you? No doubt he will be punished by producers and Simon Cowell alike and be forced to sing Hymns for the rest of his career.

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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Rhydian: Everyone is Product

A couple of great new Rhydian related items from the sharks on E-Bay. You can find a rather nice Rhydian mug here...with a picture of him in his glitter suit. But the best recent Rhyd item reaches new levels of seller's desperation. Ladiessss and Gentlemen..It'sssss The Rhyd_doll. Well not exactly, this is just a battered old anatomically almost correct male doll with sticky up white hair. The seller describes the item as follows, "CUTE BABY BOY DOLL... TAKES BATTERIES BUT THE OLD ONES LEAKED AND CANT GET HIM TO DO ANYTHING WITH NEW ONES.
It's only 99p but bidding finishes in 24 hours - get moving!
*The Rhydian Factor has censored the photo - to see the full monty visit the link

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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Rhydian:to sing Bridge Over Troubled Water /Never Walk Alone?

If rumours are to be believed then Rhydian will sing Bridge Over Troubled Water and You'll Never Walk Alone this Saturday. Already I can feel myself going into Daily Mail mode: Why Oh Why Oh Why....
You've got the most charismatic performer that's ever appeared on the show, he's got personality, a strong baritone voice, does great falsetto. He can move while he sings. He looks fabulous, especially glammed up. He needs to be fed show tunes, opera, a Bond theme or two, a Scott Walker tour de force- anything with a bit of substance. And they give him hymns (because that's what these two songs are) to sing. I have nothing against hymns, but we want a little excitement.
Maybe the rumours are wrong or I am dreaming this. Even worse maybe it's a double theme night on Saturday: Simon and Garfunkel with Songs Associated with football clubs.

If it is Simon & Garfunkel night then I have the perfect selections for the other three:-
Niki: I Am A Rock
Same Difference: He Was My Brother

Leon: For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her
And for his football song Leon could sing a modified version of the West Ham song: I'm Forever Blowing (Michael) Buble

video~ S&G:For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her

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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Rhydian: Songs for Dannii to Pick

A combination of (not obvious) songs for Rhydian to sing with a dream about Rhydian. In my dream it is final night and there is one song left for Rhyd, Leon and SD. Same difference have just done I Got You Babe whilst dressed as Barbie and Ken and bouncing on trampolines for the songs duration. Leon's turn. He sings Elvis's Hound Dog. And like on the 1956 Ed Sullivan show the cameraman and editors show Leon only from the waist up. Not because his sensual gyrations may cause hysteria but because producers are worried that he may wet himself in fear live on national TV.
Now its Rhydian. The songs opening chords and the audience instantly recognise Morrissey's lament The World Is Full of Crashing Bores. He sings, "You must be wondering how, the boy next door turned out. Have a care, But don't stare, because he's still there" The camera cuts to Rhydian's family in the audience, looking so proud but tears flowing down their faces. They know he's going to win and this moment is special but also he will never be the same again. Rhydian gets to the chorus, confident, walking to the front of the stage right in front of Sharon and he sings it to her, "They who wish to hurt you, Work within the law. This world is full, so full of crashing bores."
By now the whole audience are on their feet shouting out, hollering. Sharon looks like she is going to be sick. He begins the second verse as all of the 12 finalists walk onto the stage behind him,
"No it's just more lock jawed pop stars.
Thicker than pig shit, nothing to convey.
They're so scared to show intelligence.
It might smear their lovely career"

One more chorus then pandemonium as he finishes arms outstretched, eyes closed, "Take me, take me, won't you take me in your arms and Love Me"

MP3: Morrissey-the World is Full of Crashing Bores
video:Elvis :Hound Dog

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X Factor eXecration #2

The Rhydian Factor is so confident of a Rhydian victory we have a guest writer that doesn't even like him - although no doubt that will change once she has had more exposure to him. What other fan blog does that? Lightupvirginmary writes a blog called Exitainment (vitriolic reviews, mainly focused on trashy TV) and now is featured in The Rhydian Factor
The Mirror have written an article slating Dermy! It's a little unfair, let's face it, he's a vast improvement on Kate 'shoutypuppeteer' Thornton. Although I quite enjoyed her continuous fashion blunders. Do you think she ever watches X these days? She probably watches it wearing Bridget Jones style undies and shovelling ice creamdown her throat, whilst simultaneously sobbing and sticking pins in an effigy of the Cowell. Anyway, I digress. I think the main problem with Dermot on X factor, is he's clearly Simon's bitch and nothing more. He might as well be a Ryan Seacrest doll. Big Brother's Little Brother was goddawful inparts, but at least Dermot got to be himself. On X Factor, he is just a toy, and his personality is quashed. But the whole show isn't about Dermot, as this article lies! He is just the advert glue. The article goes on to compare Leon to Fame Academy David Platt-alike David Sneddon! Nooooo! That is completely unnacceptable. Now Ainslie would be a different story... mmm, Ainslie...

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X Factor Reviews and Betting Odds

Hecker Spray has a review of Saturday night's shows and comments on the latest odds for the contestants. The only worry to Rhydian's victory is 'twelfth-rate Sinatra impersonator' Leon, although he is a long way behind.
Rhydian Roberts 1 - 3 ;Leon Jackson 4 - 1 ;Niki Evans 7 - 1 ;Same Difference 12 - 1.
On these odds it could be Same Difference going home next week which, I'll be honest, would be a bit of a shame because for all their prozac grinned creepiness I'm starting to warm to them. Their performances, for whatever reason, are becoming one of the most memorable aspects of the show. If you watch the show in the company of 5-10 year olds you will find them fascinated by Rhydian, bored by Nikki and confused by Ratboy...but Same Difference have them jumping around on a sugar high. Let's hope Niki goes next week.
The brilliantly named and excellently written National Society for the Prevention of Joss Stone has a good show review. Highlights: "Niki then took to the stage to murder one of those Jim Steinman songs thats only complete with a f*ck off wind machine and leather trousers that even a three year old wouldn't squeeze into, with or without a bottle of baby oil" and on Leon (the Ratpack's tea boy) Jackson,"...still disturbed by that Max Wall dance he does (has he a broken hip? a wooden leg? i really don't know..) and there must surely be medication they can give him for those shakes" And a very good train of thought on Same Difference,"My mind drifted off to what song Same Difference should do if the prop they had for next week was indeed midgets on skates so i kind of missed the second half of the programme...and i think there's no question they should reinact Cliff Richard's "Wired For Sound" video. A midget can go flying past the boy from Same Difference, he's got that Cliff thing about him anyway"

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Monday, 3 December 2007

X Factor News

Some recent news articles and comments on this years X Factor.
This is London headlines their review, "Rhydian closes in on Xmas Number One" and is a fair review of this year's show except the claim that "Rhydian benefits from the weakness of his rivals" If anything you would think all that out of tune squawking would put him off. They also print a quote from Simon Cowell about Leon that I must have missed, "(He) is the British Michael Buble." Damned by faint praise indeed.
The blog The Woman Who Talked Too Much (usually all about Come Dancing) has a funny description of the final five including possibly the ultimate one of Same Difference. We will report, but pretend not to notice, her description of Rhydian "
Oh. My. God. What on earth is going on? EVERYBODY on X Factor this year is terrible. Hope, the girl band who make Pussycat Dolls look like differentiated individuals. Rhydian, the opera alien. Leon, the Rat Pack's tea boy. Niki the charisma black hole. And dear god in heaven, Same Difference, which is the singing equivalent of being tied up in a Barbie factory and force-fed glitter." You've got to remember that this is a woman who prefers to watch overweight footballer John Barnes doing the quick step in a sequined suit...hang on a minute, that does sound quite good.
Organ Grinder in the Guardian gives a fair and balanced review of Saturday Night's performances. Rhydian , "he scored by ending with I Vow To Thee My Country. A cover none of the other contestants would have got away with." And of Hope covering the Spice Girls, "I think we can all agree that the Spice Girls are no Destiny's Child, vocally, but I've never heard them sing this out of tune." The article is well worth a read but especially all the comments posted by Guardian readers including one poster who jokes that Leon must have attended the Douglas Bader Dance Academy and another who rehashes a joke, apparently from the Sun,"Leon went to Scotland, so securing the Scottish vote, Rhydian went to Wales thus securing the Welsh vote and Same Difference sang 'And when the world runs out of lovers, we'll still have each other' - therefore securing the Norfolk vote!!"

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Rhydian in the Simpsons

News reaches The Rhydian Factor of plans for Rhydian and some of the other contestants to appear in an episode of the Simpsons next year. It's still early days but the episode is believed to revolve around Homer starting a talent agency in Springfield. He strikes a major coup by gaining the American rights of the X Factor 2007 contestants in a naked fireside wrestle with Simon Cowell. Rhydian appears be-quiffed in his deep blue suit along with his faithful singing cat called Niki. Same Difference are depicted as Siamese twins who, when they aren't performing, bicker about trivial issues. In the story a rival agent unleashes a psychotic Celine Dion robot, which has a voice that can destroy buildings, to cause mayhem in the town and turn the residents against Homer. At the climax of the show Celine is in the nuclear plant about to sing it down when Rhydian and Niki confront her. Rhydian sings You Raise Me Up to her thus making her speechless, soundless and thankfully harmless for ever.
The show ends with the town celebrating and dancing in the streets to the soundtrack of Leon's comedy version of Crazy Little Thing Called Love
simpsonise yourself

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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Rhydian: thoughts about Week 7

Perez Hilton gets overly dramatic with a headline,"Rhydian has let us down!" Obviously this is hyperbole. They say, "His performance on X Factor Saturday night was safe, boring and uninspired. He coasted through it. Having said that, he’ll still likely make the final two...(with his) schmaltzy performance. "
Their thoughts do touch on a problem that as viewers get over the initial shock/thrill of watching Rhydian perform they get used to what he's doing and start seeing it as normal. Maybe he's peaked to soon? Maybe his best vocal in the series will be You Raise Me Up; his best theatrical moment Get the Party Started or Go West? Or maybe the best is yet to come?
After all the fans clamour for a song by Queen you get the feeling that perhaps operatic pop isn't his strongest suit. Having said all this, even with increasing familiarity, it was a thrill to see him on Saturday, dressed like the star he is, standing on the grand piano. On first viewing when the four backing singers joined the girl pianist I thought that he was doing a duet with Hope. Then they started singing in tune and I realised they were professionals. Even though these weren't his best performances they shone compared to the rest of the show which apart from a few stage gimmicks is quickly fading from memory.
And Sharon (piss in your suitcase) Osbourne, following the producers demands to be controversial and boost ratings said, "Leon has something in his eyes that Rhydian doesn't." I think she will find it's called 'fear'. If the program was called Fear Factor then I think we would be crowning the victor already.

favourite X Factor lyric of the night, Hope : "Tonight is the night that 5 become none"

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National No Hope Day

It's reported in the Sunday Telegraph that Gordon Brown, in a desperate attempt to endear himself again to the British public, is thinking of making 1st December National NoHope Day. "The idea," a source is quoted as saying, "is to combine the nation's pleasure at girlband Hope's eventual exit from the singing competition with the need to highlight people in difficult situations who have problems such as poverty and poor standards of education etc. If we can use one issue to highlight the other then I think we can bring a lot of awareness to the issues. So every year December the 1st will be National No Hope day." Gordon Brown ,famously, likes the Arctic Monkeys but it is unclear what his personal views of Hope are. A spokesman however is quoted as saying, "They have one good singer, I believe, it Phoebe?"

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Rhydian: Week 7 Early blog news

Hooray, Hope have gone. A quick round up of the early posters in the blog world.
Bright light (Approved by Aled Jones) The blog always does straight, nice, summaries of each show and they get last night's performance by Rhydian spot on, "He (Rhydian) made Freddy Mercury’s song his own; a wonderful exciting performance! He owned the song and the stage"
Peggy's Dame Shirley Bassey blog (Shirley is Forever) The blog for all your Bassey needs,says, "Rhydian sang another Dame Shirley Bassey song on tonight’s show,I Vow To Thee My Country / World In Union complete with a big Welsh-sounding chorus.
Rhydian was nervous and said he was below par this week. He didn’t show it. The song was perfect for the rugby-mad patriotic Welshman with a splendid operatically trained voice."
Amies cool Blog (just freaking read it) Amie has a different reaction to SD than most people, "That was so freaking boring. The only act that waz good was same difference cos they kept me awake." and a good critique of song genre selection, "Don’t think Rhydian should be singing hymns, my little cous sings that at assembly." then gets Hope spot on, "No Hope were crap as always. Raquel doing the lead was funny though, cos she’s so freaking bad." and the man they aren't calling the Speyside Sinatra has the opposite effect to SD,"Leon, I was nodding off he was so boring. " It's possible that Same Difference and Leon's future lays in creating the perfect radio/alarm - one that lulls you to sleep instantly then wakes you every morning pepped up and ready to face the day.
And finally, next weeks loser, Niki, "... someone said she had an eating disorder. I don’t think it’s anorexia you know what I’m saying? And what Century was them songs from? The most exciting thing about her last song was the coffee pot whistling but if you weren’t at Luce’s you wouldn’t have heard that… unless you was making coffee too. "
And a general post about the decline of Western Civilisation and this years X Factor from,
dirty martini (old music for new people), "now, i love the x factor but this year it’s going downhill....
louis is doing that odd rocking backwards and forwards thing again which makes him look like an outpatient on bingo leave... dannii is clearly trying to rise above the unspoken criticism that she’s in no position to judge anyone’s singing ability. " Or maybe it's Brian's fault, " if they place the decline of this year’s x factor squarely at Brian Friedman's feet, as well they might, he’ll sing like a canary. a really camp one. " and his basic advice can be summed up as follows, " forget the fact that simon is running out of non-incestuous songs for same difference. we need to start over. "

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Rhydian:Week 7 Somebody to Love

Guest Reviewer Furry Monkey:

somebody to love ; I vow to thee

I'm just standing in today and going over the performances of tonight's show, so I think I will kick off things with a personal grudge and that is researchers in the media. It appears to me that, there is a complete laziness and p45s should be handed out quick step as the Media's database, awful and pretty much 1980s in design that it is, should be banned and get some people in who love the media and will support people in press offices and at the times.

Take Jonathan Ross for instance who is paid loads of money. He was trying to be funny! He called Rhydian a weirdo but isn't that old news? Let me take you to the producers meeting before the Jonathan Ross show as he comes rushing in from watching another Japanese movie. "So what we got on Whydian? Whydian is what?". Cue Researcher with database of material they have gathered... Types in Rhydian and she gets:Weirdo, Oddball, Strange, good singer" Wight, I can work with that. Whydian is a Wiewwdo, Woddball, Stwange but he can sing". It did not work. Now tracking back to numerous gossip columnists on the internet who get orgasmic frenzies from hits to their page... let's call Rhydian a "oddball" and he can't win. He shouldn't be on the X Factor and he will fail on the first show. Haven't I heard that somewhere before? Everything - up until he performed and everybody was gobsmacked - bar those who were fresh out of media studies at University of Central English Channel and use their researcher database to the max.
I'm going to cut the chase now and just highlight what the massive problem is with this. Rhydian is entertaining, Rhydian is a great singer and when the public know, the public know. The press tried to put him down, all at the fault of bad researchers who used the editing, contacted the producers, who told them they are selling Rhydian as the pantomime villain and they thought their job was easy. It takes somebody who is good at their job, check irony here, good at their job being Rhydian, to actually stand up and say "this guy is a great singer and the public will love him". But due to the automation of the media industry which is exactly the pre-cursor to so many people entering the profession, most of them do not know how to do their job. Rhydian has proved that


On to tonight's performances. I'll write this as they appear -Rhydian - first - the show started early... hmm...They have given Rhydian the Matrix effect today with a load of people from the otherside of what we cannot see. Rhydian has seen the light and is now fighting the good fight against computer by standing on a piano. With the help of a load of chicks who are fighting, probably kung fu style, nope it's over - no kung fu fighting and no Louis Walsh cloning himself to take on Rhydian's. I was hoping Rhydian would use the mic to his favour and thankfully Simon Cowell is not asking the Matrix girls to start a group called Matrix and telling the woo woo girls to go home. Sharon of the planet Osbournak appears to like that although she can't hear anything after letting "I sing like a bloke and create post modern happy slap videos on YouTube" Emily through because of her Near Death experience. Dannii didn't cry today... why?Simon Cowell loved it and after communicating across the ether with Freddie during a dramatic pause by sniffing to his right - he was told he would like it. Louis Walsh may have dashed off to multiply copy pasting himself in the matrix to take on Rhydian's Matrix girls.
Niki and Hope were up next so just as I was about to cover my ears... nope they were damaged as all the singers were in different keys to each other. Oh dear....Niki on the other hand reminded me of older women seducing younger men - but in a good way if you know what I mean? Do you? No...Leon - oh no. Oh dear. Here we go again. So many wrong keys you will never get back in your home. It's back to living in the caravan kids because Leon can't find the right key and it's been like a long long time since the first week... and Leon is locked out. There's a growl there too which must be a testosterone fuelled post pubescent growl - somebody get the man a woman, any woman!!"Gepetto, Gepetto - will I ever be a real life boy? Will I Gepetto..." "No no, ees no possibly Leon. You ees a puppet!" Same Difference stick to what they do best. That's being the one half of the only 2 contestants who deserve to be in this because they can sing and perform and be that in tune too...That was X Factor Part 1, X Factor Part 2, the revenge of Louis Walsh and his Westlife clones next. Well the westlife clones were sent in and Hope told me they will rock me and they did until Raquelle came forward and told me "yeah, I'm going to rock you baby" where I had an existentialist moment and realised, in terms of existing, I don't think you can rock me because I did die when she sang that moment and I was angry upon returning. This girl winds it up so much like she's Angelina Jolie Mach 2 but she's really just some girl who prances around at school performances and pushes people out of the way. Leon - horrendous. Worst performance ever. Simon said first two thirds bad, last third good. He probably fell asleep for the last third so just said it was great for credibility and get some love from the audience. Same Difference, were fab as usual but Louis got the eebie jeebies as he felt them eating into his West Life Girls aloud market and changing the pop market from selling sex "a little less cloats girls aloud, a little less cloats"... Well... gimmick free Niki next, as Louis calls her so now we can hear about her first gimmick, her dead dad and the other two vote grabbing gimmicks, her boobies. I can hear it all over the country now, Dads saying " I can warm to this women". Rhydian for the final fight sequence of "X Factor Part 2, the revenge of Louis Walsh and his Westlife clones" Well what can you say. At this point Rhydian got whick whick whack, went old school back to Detroit and mixed up big time, blazed it up and became DJ Rhydian, Superstar DJ. He mixed World in Union and I vow to thee my country. He had his own entourage, who I assume will follow him where he will dj and wow clubbers around the world. Dannii, Ibiza resident thought she was at Space and almost got on to the table and started raving but no... she kept her cool after Simon told her to have some respect - it's a hymn!And what a HYMN! Nailed it - Rhydian is a legend! He appeals to everyone. Rhydian is in fact as stated after the show, the kind of DJ, who has come from all kinds of backgrounds. Irish, Welsh, English, etc etc.Rhydian. - Opera Singer, Rock Singer, Soul Singer, Dancer, Performer, Lover, Hunter, Warrior - Superstar DJ :D

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