Friday, 7 December 2007

Rhydian: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Someone E-mailed the Rhydian Factor asking, "what about sex and the Rhydmeister?" Well...what about it. We have had weeks of people asking, is he or isn't he? And then he 'comes out' and says he isn't and even more shockingly he hasn't. EVER!
So many column inches about what he does with his inches. I mean, really. Who gives a flying fuck? And why is it OK, even jokingly, to speculate about someones homosexuality or virginity, yet, have you heard anyone saying, "That Niki - do you think shes hetero, I bet she is?", or "I reckon that girl from Same Difference has had sex before?" (actually I have heard someone say that).

Is it acceptable to make comments about what are essentially private matters as long as they are deemed 'not-the-norm'. ? Someone else e-mailed me saying, "It's OK for Leon to have sex with as many pigs as he likes - as long as the pig is female and it's not Leon's first time with the pig then it is totally acceptable."
Much more interesting news are reports in the Daily Star of straight, virgin, Christian, Rhydian complaining about the show's producers, "They treat us like absolute shit" and how the show works, “It doesn’t seem to matter that we are all here because we are passionate about music. All they want is footage and drama to fill their show. This show is not all it’s cracked up to be.” How's that for biting the hand that feeds you? No doubt he will be punished by producers and Simon Cowell alike and be forced to sing Hymns for the rest of his career.

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Blogger lightupvirginmary said...

I think people do speculate about others sex lives even if they are straight. i think people just speculate about lives in general, so of course whether he was gay or a virgin, it's a juicy morsel to be dissected. The only thing worse than being talked about... er, yeah you get the picture.

8 December 2007 at 12:01  

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