Saturday, 10 November 2007

Rhydian sings You Raise Me Up/ Week 4

After last week where Rhydian wore the silver sequin suit and the fake fur the rest of the gang tried to catch up a little. The guy in Same Difference came onto the stage riding a bicycle and then they performed their song, for no apparent reason, in some sort of adult come-to-life children's playroom. Then Andy really moved up a gear and raised and wiggled two eyebrows while singing, instead of the customary one. The rest of the competitors just broke down into tears at every available opportunity, but it was to no avail.
Rhydian stepped back off the gas a little and just sang You Raise Me Up beautifully. No glitter, no histrionics, just pure class - giving the song a depth it surely doesn't deserve. And both audience and panel agreed. Everyone missed the sequins though - maybe next week.

judges comments:
Louis~The best version I've ever heard
Simon~As good as Leona Lewis
Sharon~Delivered a powerful fantastic performance
Danniiii~Amazing, I got teary
MP3:Rhydian~You Raise Me Up
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What's In A Name: Hozone?

Some bands choose perfect names for their music: Sex Pistols, Girls Aloud, Manic Street Preachers. Then you have your Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.
Johnathan Ross mentioned today on his radio show how he was playing scrabble recently and tried to add the letter 'H' onto the front of the word 'OZONE' to make the word 'HOZONE' - and how this fabricated word would be 'the perfect name for that girl group on X Factor'
Hope is indeed a poor name for a band (although not quite as shortsighted as calling yourself FutureProof) whereas Ho'zone a clever joining of the word Ho' with the tail end of boy-band Boyzone is perfect. It's memorable, never been used before, and sums up the band and their music perfectly. Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for....Ho'zone!

content for you mobile ; CD WOW ; Apple I Phone, free delivery

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Friday, 9 November 2007

Rhydian: Whats in a name?

Consultation of that marvellous resource Urban Dictionary reveals the following, surprising, definitions for the word Rhydian
The name originates from the reign of the Celtic Emporer Rhydian Dafydd.
Example of word in use:"Oh my god you're named after that celtic emperor!"
a. Known for eating his own booger. See also Pratt/T**t/Gimp.
b. Resembles John McCririck in action and appearance.
c. Lack's grasp of the real world. Sense of humour lacking, usually exhausts a funny comment by intermittent repetitiveness.
d. Person, or persons who carry suitcases to school carrying everything he owns. See also gimp bag.
e. A gill grissom fan, non alcoholic forensic wannabe.
Examples of word in use:"Urgh, rhydian was in chemistry and was pickin his nose and he ate it! He had a box of tissues right next to him!"
"OMG Rhydian, why have you got a survival kit with you?"

Blonde helmeted, opera singing, winner of X Factor 2007, and the future of pop.
Example usage:"OMG did you see Rhydian doing Pink last night ?"
OK I admit it - I made the last entry up, but numbers 1 and 2 are what is in the Urban Dictionary. It's an open source type dictionary so I suggest you pay it a visit.
MP3s: some 1960's blues
Junior Wells:Hoodoo Man Blues
Junior Wells:Snatch it back and hold it
video:Junior Wells:Hoodoo Man Blues~incredibly cool effortless brooding live performance!
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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Rhydian: news from the blogs

X Factor forums and chatrooms have been alive all week discussing Futureproof's exit from the competition. Futureproof, a band that couldn't be more inappropriately named unless they called themselves '8 Track Stereo Cartridge'. Anyway, most discussion centres around how they would have survived if only they put the two short fellas in the middle rather than always stuck out on the ends. But this blog is not about losers, it is about Rhydian.
Some comments on the Rhydler from blogs and newspapers:-
A random comment from Rhydian fan
facebook wall:

"His performance of Phantom absolutely blew me away! If I had been at home at the time then I would have voted for him!"
from the blog louphoria:
"Rhydian Roberts (what a delicious name!), what a performer, what a voice, and what an interesting guy. I’ve always gone for the quirky ones, and let’s face it, we all know I have a soft spot for red heads. But it’s the respect I have for him for being so incredibly entertaining that makes him so appealing to me."
from the must read Bucks Free Press:
"Silver-suited Rhydian's act was like Liberace meets Shirley Bassey, and not in a good way I hasten to add. His delivery was something akin to Robosinger, but the judges loved it!" ....then, hilariously, talking about Same Difference:"It was a bit like watching The Carpenters on LSD"

And my favourite comment, possibly of all time, is from The Shropshire Star
"As a music mogul myself, albeit in a previous incarnation, I’d agree with Cowell’s assessment. Rhydian’s rendition of the classic Pink standard was inspirational. He owned the stage and made the song his own. In the words of Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The world is his oyster!"
Harold St. John Peasbody
MP3s: delicate, haunting it's The Young Marble Giants
Young Marble Giants: Searching for Mr Right
Young Marble Giants: Salad Days
Young Marble Giants: Choci Loni
video: YMG: NITA

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I Dream of Rhydian

X Factor obsessive S. Potts had a very peculiar dream all about Rhydian and the X Factor. We reproduce it here verbatim.
"I think it must have been caused by seeing this documentary where high-powered infrasound was directed at animals and it caused internal bleeding and even destroyed body tissue. Anyway, in the dream Dannii notices that Rhydian's voice is getting more powerful every week and talks to him about it. He confesses that he has over-trained and that his voice is taking on special powers. When he hits his top C he can produce high energy infra sound.
Dannii is stunned and fascinated. It's then, in the dream that events get even stranger. Dannii says that Simon has humiliated her in the past. 'He called my single appallingly plastic.' And then she says she can fix it for Rhydian to win.
My dream ends as I sit in the audience watching the show. Rhydian is singing Barcelona. He is directly in front of Simon as he goes for his high C. Simon suddenly frowns then starts to look like he is in pain.
To be honest the dream gets really horrible here. Security people are rushing up, Simon is not looking good and is shouting out in pain. Rhydian, head lowered, looks ashamed. I wake up"

[if you have any dreams of Rhydian that you would like to share the]

MP3s: dream/nightmare music from Julee Cruise
Julee Cruise:Falling
Julee Cruise:Floating
video: Julee Cruise: rocking back inside your heart

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Rhydian: You Raise Me Up! ~Week4 Song

Oh good God! Surely not! Modern classics week and Dannii has picked a piece of ordure of the greatest order for the Rhydman to sing. An awful piece of pop jetsam most associated with the appalling W***life. I'm sure that Rhydian will give it his best shot, but he deserves better song selection than this.

Rhydian states on his most recent blog entry that he is toning down his performance this week. This is only to be expected. If he continued on the trajectory of the first 3 weeks then by week 7 he would be dressed in a tight fitting silver space suit, sprawled on a chaise lounge with a diamond-collared leopard by his side whist he sings 'What's New Pussycat' into its eyes.
I refuse to post MP3's of the Rhydler's song this week, so instead here are a couple of Jerry Lee Lewis tracks from Live at the Star Club. Jerry could scream out a song, whilst hammering the crap out of a piano and standing up and shaking his butt. All at the same time! Compare this to 'pop star in a coma' Andy who struggles to move even one of his eyebrows while he sings.
Rhydian:You Raise Me Up
Jerry Lee Lewis:Great Balls of Fire
Jerry Lee Lewis:Whole Lotta Shakin Going On
video: Jerry Lee Lewis: High Heel Sneakers
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The Rhydian Hairstyle

In this months issue of hair magazine Coiffure there is an interview with celebrated French Hairdresser Phillipe Troudecul where he talks about Celebrity Hair-what styles are fashionable, how to get them, etc.. Then he says something interesting:
"These last two weeks I have had a lot of women coming into my salon asking for a 'Rhydian'. At first I was, how you say, confused. I had never heard of the name. Then I saw him on TV. Zut Alors! I understood straight away and I was excited. The return of the quiff for women. Classic 50's elegance blended with a 1970s peroxide punk look. If your hair can handle the amount of spray needed to get the look then it can indeed by yours."
Asked if he thought Rhydian would win the X Factor, he smiled and said," J'en ai plein le cul, j'adore Francoise Hardy."
MP3s for Phillipe
Francoise Hardy: Tous les Garcons et les Filles
Francoise Hardy:Le Temps de L'amour
video:Francoise Hardy:Tous les Garcons et les Filles

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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Rhydler News

Rhydian is highlighted in a brilliant article on the Anglophina website.(read full article here)
"The contestant making headlines this season is a 24-year-old classically-trained Welsh opera vocalist named Rhydian Roberts
He's really unlike anything you've likely seen before. Decked out in sequined suits and a platinum-blonde pompadour, and channeling, at once, Pavarotti, Liberace, and Blade Runner-era Rutger Hauer, he singlehandedly turns X-Factor from a cheesy talent show to a Vegas-style Aryan pep rally"

Rhydian Roberts Nightmares?
There has been a lot of discussions in various X Factor forums regarding the question that Rhydian is scaring small children. Surely this is all just ludicrous nonsense. It is often the most innocuous thing that can scare children and cause nightmares. Almost any of this year's contestants could cause a child to be scared, especially if they came at them with a knife (like, say, Emily)
And because Beverley attempted Nina Simone's Feeling Good last Saturday and we still have to wait what seems like ages for more music from Rhydian we have some nice MP3s by the goddess of the blues, the wonderful Nina Simone.

Nina Simone:
Do I Move You?
Nina Simone:
In The Dark
Nina Simone: My Man's Gone Now
Phenomenal: video performance by Nina of Aint Got No..

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Current Series 'Rubbish' say Journey South (who?)

Journey South are reported to have said that the current series of X Factor is rubbish.
Let's get this straight. Journey South, a group with a name that's a colloquialism for oral sex, two men that look like a couple of out-of-work builders and who bellow out sub-standard rock ballads to a small bewildered audience. This series is rubbish?
Have they not appreciated the visual and aural wonder that is the Rhydmeister. Have they not marvelled at the smiley, shiny faces of the 'prozac pair' Same Difference.
But best of all (unless I dreamt it) did they not see that trumpeter suddenly appear between Niki's legs last Saturday when she was singing All That Jazz. Where did he come from? Apparently she has a small jazz band concealed under her dress. An idea she probably got from Billy Holiday who was reknowned for such antics.
And talking about trumpeters the accompanying picture is of the legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. He's got a bit of a Rhydian going on with that hairstyle if I'm not mistaken.
(NOTE: you can find the Journey South article here. Or, simply do what I did and type the search words "Journey South Rubbish" into Google and you will find it. Apparently "Journey South Rubbish" is quite a popular search term)

Chet Baker & Art Pepper: CTA
Chet Baker & Art Pepper: For Minors Only
video: lets get lost, Chet Baker compilation

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Dannii's Song Choices for Rhydian


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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Rhydian: The Incredible Hulk!

As previously posted, at parties at Birmingham University, Rhydian was known to dress as the Incredible Hulk.

David Banner, physician, scientist, searching for a way to tap into the hidden strength that all humans have.
Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now when David Banner becomes angry or outraged a startling metamorphosis occurs.
The creature is driven by rage and is pursued by an investigative reporter.
"Mr McGee don't make me angry you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit. David Banner is believed to be dead and he must let the world think that he is dead until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.

MP3s:Incredible Hulk
Theme Tune to The Incredible Hulk
Video of Incredible Hulk Intro
content for your mobile , CD WOW ,Apple I Phone, free delivery

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Rhydian: Reviews of the Rhydler

Some recent reviews and comments on Rhydian show that not everyone can have taste.
Patty Hose blog
"On this season of the British reality talent show X-Factor, they came up with a really creepy looking queen calling herself Rhydian, who does have a good voice for show toons. Watch her version of The Phantom of the Opera.... then
a frightening impersonation of Liberace while butchering Pink's Get The Party Started.
Pink should sue her for wrecking her song! I'll never be able to listen to it in the same way again! What a freak!"
(The Rhydian Factor has suggested to Ms.Patty Hose that Rhydian did his best. As we told her, you can't make a good piece of furniture from a bad piece of wood.)

And from Betfair we get this...
"Rhydian performed the Shirley Bassey version of "Get The Party Started" with a delivery and outfit that was camper than Christopher Biggins at a scout jamboree.
A warm favourite in the outright market, the operatic has the quirkiness to carry off such absurdity but is it a worry as to when voters become tired of the joke?"

(You know what to do, get your money on Rhyd and take them for every penny they've got)
However, positive comments from:
Deliah's Live Journal
"This guy is my new favorite human. I will 100% buy his first album. He's like Marc Almond with classical vocal training. Love it. Love it."
Rhydian Lookalikee #8
When you look at the Riddler do you think that his music is the language of the spirit. That it opens the secret of life bringing peace and abolishing strife, OR, do you think he looks a little like Billy Fury, 1950's rock and roll star?
Billy Fury:Maybe Tomorrow
Billy Fury:A Thousand Stars
Billy Fury:Jealousy
video: Billy Fury ~once upon a dream

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Rhydian - Conspiracy Theory No: 2

This Rhydian conspiracy theory comes via an e-mail from someone calling themselves XXX_Factor:

"My theory is that the whole series is a set up. Many people believe who is eliminated and who eventually wins The X Factor is fixed a little by mentors' song selection, direction and comments but I believe that in this series much more is going on. Rhydian knows he is going to win. He was chosen, before the audition shown, to play out the role of an 'over the top' showman. His role is to become a controversial, love him or hate him figure. But there's even more than that. An insider has leaked to me that Rhydian will have an 'affair' with Dannii during the show. There will be tons of press coverage, many denials, then eventually the truth about their affair will come out.

It is planned that all this will cause the struggling viewing figures (which they knew might be poor this series) to go ballistic ensuring everyone is happy, the producers, Dannii's rejuvenated career and ITV"

If you have a Rhydian conspiracy theory we would like to hear it. And now because Rhydian still hasn't sung a new song here is some opera and some and contrast.

Luciano Luciano Pavarotti:Vesti la giubba from Paggliacci
Dannii Minogue: I Begin To Wonder
video: Dannii Minogue~I begin to wonder

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Monday, 5 November 2007

Rhydian Roberts lookalikee #7

When you look at Rhydian you might find yourself thinking that for people with only modest ability, modesty is mere honesty; but with those who possess great talent it is hypocrisy, OR, you might think that he looks a little like a younger version of Brian Wilson, singer with the Beach Boys.

Still 5 more days to go without a new song from the Rhydler.
How to cope? Here are a couple of songs that maybe Dannii should get him to cover. Tom Jones goes without saying and here's his finest:Delilah.
The Associates brilliance lay in Billy MacKensie's unique vocals. We would love to here Rhydian give Party Fears Two a go.
Tom Jones : Delilah
The Associates: Party Fears Two
video: Associates~Club Country

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RRRRRRhydian: The First Tribute Song to the Rhydmeister

The first tribute song to Rhydian (Welsh champion bench presser and future winner of X Factor 2007) has been made. It's a corker and we urge readers to listen to it, memorise it's lyrics and make famous the band from Manchester who wrote it : Federal Drugs Administration
FDA are a punk pop/death metal band; think Slipknot crossed with Half Man Half Biscuit and then add Pete Shelley from the Buzzcocks on vocals.
The song is called Rrrrhydian.
Over magnificent buzzsaw guitars the lyrics go:

Rhydian voice: "Hello I'm Rhydian from the X Factor. Bow down before my ridiculously big blonde helmet, you foolish humans" [evil laugh]


Oh Rhydian, Oh Rydian
With you there is no meridian

They either love you or they hate you
But you hit our mark
Rhydian, Oh Rydian
Oh nothing rhymes with Rhydian
Just please don't come and meet us after dark.

Rhydian voice:"I'm a freak, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here. I don't belong here or do I"
Rhydian, Oh Rydian
You do things in your idiom
You take a tune and cut it , like Dr Frankenstein
Rhydian, Oh Rhydian
You really are not kiddying
You are still wearing that halloween mask
After all this time
Rhydian voice "I'm the phantom of the X Factor. I'm here inside your mind. I'm the phantom of the X Factor. I'm here and now you're mine" [evil laugh]

Your actual pop genius!
Federal Drugs Administration on MySpace
MP3 of Rrrrhydian by Federal Drugs Administration here
content for your mobile , CD WOW ,Apple I Phone, free delivery

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Rhydian: Dream About James Bond

I have a dream.
In my dream it is James Bond week on the X Factor. 'No Hope' have just died another death with their pitiful attempt to do Live and Let Die. The Rhydler is next.
The pitch black stage is suddenly lit by a single spotlight. Rhydian stands arms crossed in the classic James Bond tuxedo and bow tie. Head down. No fur or glitter except....except in his right hand is a diamond encrusted Walther PPK 7.65 mm. It glitters malevolently in the light, the orchestra swells and the Rhydmeister starts singing Thunderball. It is incredible.

However, what makes the dream sort of scary is that the panel are all Bond characters too. Simon Cowell, the villain, his bald head shining and a white persian cat on his lap which he strokes as he spits out criticism at the contestants. Dannii is the perfect Bond girl. Sharon, Miss Moneypenny, lusting after Rhyd but never having any real chance. And Louis. In the dream Louis is 'Q' and has invented an explosive microphone that he wants Niki to swap with Rhydian's normal mike.
I wake up sweating.

some Bond MP3

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Rhydian: News from the blogs

More comments from a couple of blogs on the Rhydler's performance of Get the Party Started
MSN X Factor Blog
Choreographer Brian thinks Rhydian may have peaked to soon. He needn't have worried! In a silver sequin suit and white full length fur he performs Get This Party Started by Pink and it's a show stopper! I'm not too keen on the strutting but when he's supposed to say 'ass' and pops his behind at the crowd, I can't help but smile. Louis didn't like it and thinks it's too over the top, Sharon is speechless and Simon can't say enough. "I loved that. That's what this show is all about. The vocals at the end were unbelievable!" Is it just me or do you reckon Rhydian's through this week?

Perez Hilton blog
Think of him like the British Sangina or Gayken.
Rhydian may not be the most talented but he’s super fun to watch!
Rhydian Roberts Lookalikee #7

When you look at Rhydian do you think that personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference OR do you think he looks a little like Max Headroom?
video: Max Headroom talking

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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Rhydian: from our correspondent

Best selling novelist Caroline Smailes (In Search of Adam) was fortunate to attend this week's X Factor dress rehearsal and reports the following on her blog:

"Then Rhydian. I must say that I was a little frightened of him. But I was wrong,(yes I am admitting that I was wrong) He has been presented to be an arrogant and an almost threatening persona. But he isn’t. He spoke and walked with us and then came into the canteen and talked with us after the performance. He was a genuine bloke. And his performance was breathtaking.
I found myself being hit by how influenced we are and how quickly we form opinions of people that are not at all accurate."
"Having that so called X Factor is not always clear on TV. Some of the performers oozed it. Same Difference and Rhydian did.

Obviously the power of The Rhydler's performance has caused Caroline's judgment to become temporarily clouded with regards to Same Difference

In Search of Adam blog
Buy 'In Search of Adam' at Amazon

And because it is still 6 days till the Rhydler sings again here is some Mozart from Kiri Te Kanawa
Kiri Te Kanawa: Dove sono - The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
video:Kiri sings Bellini

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Rhydian: After The Party

The dust has settled after the party. After Rhydian tore up the X Factor Stage. What does the world think of his efforts:-

Peggy's Shirley Bassey Fan Blog was quite impressed by the Rhydler "The orchestration was an exact copy of Dame Shirley’s, and he wore a silver sequinned suit." But she was dissapointed that "No credit to Dame Shirley Bassey was given in the show"
Unreality TV Blog has Rhydian topping their favourites poll for the third week running "He has stage presence, he is charismatic and he is different"
News of The World are favouring Beverley. On Rhydian: "I enjoyed his stage presence - but would I want to listen to a whole album by him?"
On Rhydian's Facebook support group:
"If the Riddler does not win it is the biggest set up since Michelle Mcfatus won"
"marry me! marry me! marry me!"
"Yes! Another week and another great show from the Rhyddler! What can he not do?!"

As we now have another week to wait till we can get more Rhydler we post some opera MP3s for your enjoyment.
Tatiana Troyanos sings Habanera from Carmen (Bizet)
Luciano Pavarotti sings Un di felice from La Traviata (Verdi)

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