Saturday, 10 November 2007

Rhydian sings You Raise Me Up/ Week 4

After last week where Rhydian wore the silver sequin suit and the fake fur the rest of the gang tried to catch up a little. The guy in Same Difference came onto the stage riding a bicycle and then they performed their song, for no apparent reason, in some sort of adult come-to-life children's playroom. Then Andy really moved up a gear and raised and wiggled two eyebrows while singing, instead of the customary one. The rest of the competitors just broke down into tears at every available opportunity, but it was to no avail.
Rhydian stepped back off the gas a little and just sang You Raise Me Up beautifully. No glitter, no histrionics, just pure class - giving the song a depth it surely doesn't deserve. And both audience and panel agreed. Everyone missed the sequins though - maybe next week.

judges comments:
Louis~The best version I've ever heard
Simon~As good as Leona Lewis
Sharon~Delivered a powerful fantastic performance
Danniiii~Amazing, I got teary
MP3:Rhydian~You Raise Me Up
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Blogger Lou said...

Monty, I'm surprised you weren't more ecstatic about that performance - I was entranced. I feel like a teenager! I really thought that was exceptional, how wonderful to hear some soul, and with a song that I usually have no time for. He's so far ahead of the rest of them, and I'm not one for sensational statements usually - that's just the truth as I see it.

10 November 2007 at 20:52  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

Thank you for your comments. Sorry for not being too ecstatic. Obviously it was far ahead of the rest of them, but I still like the Rhydster best when he moves around a bit, when he's glammed up and especially if he shows a hint of malevolence.
I guess it is the song itself that puts me off - i can not disassociate it from its source...but you are right, I too watched entranced.

I would still like some better song selection - as I said in previous posts. Anything, obscure opera, some 50's or 60's style crooning, something to upset some music snob purists.

10 November 2007 at 20:59  
Blogger Lou said...

'obscure opera' - I hear you, but I want him to win so he can play around with stuff like that when he's well established, and I'm sure you agree there's no way he'll win singing too much off the wall stuff that the unwashed can't translate.

Still though, it was a boring song choice, and the saving grace for me, apart from his interpretation of it, was that the instrumentation was based on the Josh Groban celtic sort of sound instead of some saccharine sweet boyband shite.

Dying to know what he's singing next week already :)

10 November 2007 at 22:00  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

I believe that it may be Disco week next week.
I Will Survive would appear to be an obvious choice, although Disco is probably a genre that is not really suited to his voice. Having said that last week's interpretation of what constitutes 'Big Band' music could mean he ends up with anything from Tavares to Talking Heads. 'Psycho Killer' anyone! Now there's a mindbender.

If it is Disco what's the betting that Hope sing You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by the Nolans?

10 November 2007 at 22:42  
Blogger Lou said...

Here's some of my thoughts for what might make the most of his voice in this genre (for a girl I can fake a pretty good baritone so I tested them out)

They're all a touch dark/slightly minor in places too, plenty of room
for a bit of drama queen smoulder eyes etc. but I suppose you have to have a bit of imagination with the musical arrangement Maniac Fame version (I can really picture him strutting to this, and with a really pulsing arrangement it could bring out a bit of the sexiness) Don't Leave me this Way - Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes Don't Leave me this Way - Communards version

(I'm thinking somewhere between the two Don’t leave me’s might work, with a strong disco feel to the arrangement rather than going too eighties) Don’t let me be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda original version

(I think the arrangement on this, again, would need to go slightly more in the disco direction than the Kill Bill version - but I think he'd kill the big notes on this - I would LOVE to hear him doing these).

Just a few ideas that jumped out at me. (I can't believe I'm being such a teenager, seriously)

11 November 2007 at 01:11  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

Excellent choices and reasons

11 November 2007 at 08:34  

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