Tuesday, 25 December 2007

The True Christmas Number 1 - Warren Myles

You may have noticed, if you are a particularly observant reader, that I have an advert in my right hand column for a blog called AllYour Top 40 Are Belong To Us. A strange, grammatically incorrect, blog that I love. The writer, Warren Myles, has set himself the task of recording himself singing every number 1 for a whole year. Although, it's not quite that simple because there are rules...the main one being that if the number 1 is the same as last week then the highest new entry is chosen. Oh, and he records all songs using only his voice and music generated with his Gameboy! Often he records them in one take. He then writes, in his own unique way, about the process. Readers familiar with the dogme 95 principles of film making will recognise something familiar in his approach. Those of you who know anything about outsider art will love his biro drawings, because every song recorded also has its cover reproduced by Warren's hand too.
But what is this music like, I hear you ask? Well it's like naive early Human League viewed through a filter of 16bit music. It is lofi and lovely..a breath of fresh air with Warren shouting (often). The project is in its early stages but already he has produced superb renditions of Elvis, the Sugababes and Shane (last year but one's Rhydian) Ward - In fact his version of Breathless is on heavy rotation on my IPod and I urge you to download it. And, of course he has just covered Leon's single.
But hey! enough of me yacking...download his version of When You Believe here and visit Warren's site whenever you get chance.

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Merry Christmas Rhydian


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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Rhydian: The X Factor Game #1

Sometime on Christmas day, post meal, you and your family will be sitting around wondering what to do next. Perhaps your thoughts will turn to playing a party game. But, before you reach for your Official X Factor DVD Game or even think about Charades please consider playing the Rhydian Factor Christmas Game.
What you need to play: A Rhydian and a Leon face mask. Two children's plastic swords. Two King's crowns (the party hats from your Xmas crackers will work fine).
To get the masks simply left mouse click the images on the right. The image should open up much larger. Now right mouse click on the bigger image, save it to your computer and print it off or just print it off straight away. Cut out the sections coloured in black, attach string/elastic and put the mask on your face. Get your competitor to wear the Leon 'fright' mask.
How to Play: Now each player, along with their mask, wears a crown and wields a sword. The object of the game is simple. Each must try and knock off their opponents crowns using their sword whilst , obviously, avoiding having their own crown removed. First player to be de-crowned loses. This could be your chance to re-write history. Don't let the Scared Scot win again.

If you decide to play this game, or just wear the masks, please take photos...The Rhydian Factor will publish every single one that is sent in. Merry Christmas

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Rhydian: More News of Rhydians Hair

Investor Daily News has an interview with Wales' third best singer Dame Shirley Bassey. In a piece entitled ‘This isn’t the country I grew up in. No one speaks a word of English these days,’ she strays ominously close to Morrissey territory with tales of drugs and crime in this land of ours. But it is her views on X Factor which interest us. She is quoted as saying, “It seems there’s no place for people with talent any more. You have only to look at television to see that. And if people do have any talent, they get voted out of the shows. It’s disgusting. It’s an abuse. It seems that people want to be famous for doing nothing - or drinking. " She then took another slug of gin and said, "I’m always being asked if I watch The X Factor...I was well looked after (when I started in the business) . Who advised Rhydian to have that hair? I don’t call that looking after him" Meeeow!
Someone on Yahoo Answers asked the question, "seeing as his victory was snatched from him by "stick tae gather,s no matter whats"will welsh singer Rhydian now adopt a more sensible hairstyle? or will he get a madder one soon?"
The question has received as you would expect various responses, the best being, "I think he may have lost votes because of it.....not that I think that should be the right way...the vote should have been on his voice!!"

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