Friday, 9 November 2007

Rhydian: Whats in a name?

Consultation of that marvellous resource Urban Dictionary reveals the following, surprising, definitions for the word Rhydian
The name originates from the reign of the Celtic Emporer Rhydian Dafydd.
Example of word in use:"Oh my god you're named after that celtic emperor!"
a. Known for eating his own booger. See also Pratt/T**t/Gimp.
b. Resembles John McCririck in action and appearance.
c. Lack's grasp of the real world. Sense of humour lacking, usually exhausts a funny comment by intermittent repetitiveness.
d. Person, or persons who carry suitcases to school carrying everything he owns. See also gimp bag.
e. A gill grissom fan, non alcoholic forensic wannabe.
Examples of word in use:"Urgh, rhydian was in chemistry and was pickin his nose and he ate it! He had a box of tissues right next to him!"
"OMG Rhydian, why have you got a survival kit with you?"

Blonde helmeted, opera singing, winner of X Factor 2007, and the future of pop.
Example usage:"OMG did you see Rhydian doing Pink last night ?"
OK I admit it - I made the last entry up, but numbers 1 and 2 are what is in the Urban Dictionary. It's an open source type dictionary so I suggest you pay it a visit.
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