Sunday, 4 November 2007

Rhydian: from our correspondent

Best selling novelist Caroline Smailes (In Search of Adam) was fortunate to attend this week's X Factor dress rehearsal and reports the following on her blog:

"Then Rhydian. I must say that I was a little frightened of him. But I was wrong,(yes I am admitting that I was wrong) He has been presented to be an arrogant and an almost threatening persona. But he isn’t. He spoke and walked with us and then came into the canteen and talked with us after the performance. He was a genuine bloke. And his performance was breathtaking.
I found myself being hit by how influenced we are and how quickly we form opinions of people that are not at all accurate."
"Having that so called X Factor is not always clear on TV. Some of the performers oozed it. Same Difference and Rhydian did.

Obviously the power of The Rhydler's performance has caused Caroline's judgment to become temporarily clouded with regards to Same Difference

In Search of Adam blog
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And because it is still 6 days till the Rhydler sings again here is some Mozart from Kiri Te Kanawa
Kiri Te Kanawa: Dove sono - The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
video:Kiri sings Bellini

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