Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Rhydler News

Rhydian is highlighted in a brilliant article on the Anglophina website.(read full article here)
"The contestant making headlines this season is a 24-year-old classically-trained Welsh opera vocalist named Rhydian Roberts
He's really unlike anything you've likely seen before. Decked out in sequined suits and a platinum-blonde pompadour, and channeling, at once, Pavarotti, Liberace, and Blade Runner-era Rutger Hauer, he singlehandedly turns X-Factor from a cheesy talent show to a Vegas-style Aryan pep rally"

Rhydian Roberts Nightmares?
There has been a lot of discussions in various X Factor forums regarding the question that Rhydian is scaring small children. Surely this is all just ludicrous nonsense. It is often the most innocuous thing that can scare children and cause nightmares. Almost any of this year's contestants could cause a child to be scared, especially if they came at them with a knife (like, say, Emily)
And because Beverley attempted Nina Simone's Feeling Good last Saturday and we still have to wait what seems like ages for more music from Rhydian we have some nice MP3s by the goddess of the blues, the wonderful Nina Simone.

Nina Simone:
Do I Move You?
Nina Simone:
In The Dark
Nina Simone: My Man's Gone Now
Phenomenal: video performance by Nina of Aint Got No..

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