Monday, 5 November 2007

Rhydian: Dream About James Bond

I have a dream.
In my dream it is James Bond week on the X Factor. 'No Hope' have just died another death with their pitiful attempt to do Live and Let Die. The Rhydler is next.
The pitch black stage is suddenly lit by a single spotlight. Rhydian stands arms crossed in the classic James Bond tuxedo and bow tie. Head down. No fur or glitter except....except in his right hand is a diamond encrusted Walther PPK 7.65 mm. It glitters malevolently in the light, the orchestra swells and the Rhydmeister starts singing Thunderball. It is incredible.

However, what makes the dream sort of scary is that the panel are all Bond characters too. Simon Cowell, the villain, his bald head shining and a white persian cat on his lap which he strokes as he spits out criticism at the contestants. Dannii is the perfect Bond girl. Sharon, Miss Moneypenny, lusting after Rhyd but never having any real chance. And Louis. In the dream Louis is 'Q' and has invented an explosive microphone that he wants Niki to swap with Rhydian's normal mike.
I wake up sweating.

some Bond MP3

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