Monday, 5 November 2007

RRRRRRhydian: The First Tribute Song to the Rhydmeister

The first tribute song to Rhydian (Welsh champion bench presser and future winner of X Factor 2007) has been made. It's a corker and we urge readers to listen to it, memorise it's lyrics and make famous the band from Manchester who wrote it : Federal Drugs Administration
FDA are a punk pop/death metal band; think Slipknot crossed with Half Man Half Biscuit and then add Pete Shelley from the Buzzcocks on vocals.
The song is called Rrrrhydian.
Over magnificent buzzsaw guitars the lyrics go:

Rhydian voice: "Hello I'm Rhydian from the X Factor. Bow down before my ridiculously big blonde helmet, you foolish humans" [evil laugh]


Oh Rhydian, Oh Rydian
With you there is no meridian

They either love you or they hate you
But you hit our mark
Rhydian, Oh Rydian
Oh nothing rhymes with Rhydian
Just please don't come and meet us after dark.

Rhydian voice:"I'm a freak, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here. I don't belong here or do I"
Rhydian, Oh Rydian
You do things in your idiom
You take a tune and cut it , like Dr Frankenstein
Rhydian, Oh Rhydian
You really are not kiddying
You are still wearing that halloween mask
After all this time
Rhydian voice "I'm the phantom of the X Factor. I'm here inside your mind. I'm the phantom of the X Factor. I'm here and now you're mine" [evil laugh]

Your actual pop genius!
Federal Drugs Administration on MySpace
MP3 of Rrrrhydian by Federal Drugs Administration here
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