Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Rhydian: Reviews of the Rhydler

Some recent reviews and comments on Rhydian show that not everyone can have taste.
Patty Hose blog
"On this season of the British reality talent show X-Factor, they came up with a really creepy looking queen calling herself Rhydian, who does have a good voice for show toons. Watch her version of The Phantom of the Opera.... then
a frightening impersonation of Liberace while butchering Pink's Get The Party Started.
Pink should sue her for wrecking her song! I'll never be able to listen to it in the same way again! What a freak!"
(The Rhydian Factor has suggested to Ms.Patty Hose that Rhydian did his best. As we told her, you can't make a good piece of furniture from a bad piece of wood.)

And from Betfair we get this...
"Rhydian performed the Shirley Bassey version of "Get The Party Started" with a delivery and outfit that was camper than Christopher Biggins at a scout jamboree.
A warm favourite in the outright market, the operatic has the quirkiness to carry off such absurdity but is it a worry as to when voters become tired of the joke?"

(You know what to do, get your money on Rhyd and take them for every penny they've got)
However, positive comments from:
Deliah's Live Journal
"This guy is my new favorite human. I will 100% buy his first album. He's like Marc Almond with classical vocal training. Love it. Love it."
Rhydian Lookalikee #8
When you look at the Riddler do you think that his music is the language of the spirit. That it opens the secret of life bringing peace and abolishing strife, OR, do you think he looks a little like Billy Fury, 1950's rock and roll star?
Billy Fury:Maybe Tomorrow
Billy Fury:A Thousand Stars
Billy Fury:Jealousy
video: Billy Fury ~once upon a dream

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Blogger rossti said...

Rhydian states he comes from a little village in wales. Is he secretly like Dafyd from Little Britain as the only gay in the village?

24 November 2007 at 19:30  

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