Thursday, 8 November 2007

I Dream of Rhydian

X Factor obsessive S. Potts had a very peculiar dream all about Rhydian and the X Factor. We reproduce it here verbatim.
"I think it must have been caused by seeing this documentary where high-powered infrasound was directed at animals and it caused internal bleeding and even destroyed body tissue. Anyway, in the dream Dannii notices that Rhydian's voice is getting more powerful every week and talks to him about it. He confesses that he has over-trained and that his voice is taking on special powers. When he hits his top C he can produce high energy infra sound.
Dannii is stunned and fascinated. It's then, in the dream that events get even stranger. Dannii says that Simon has humiliated her in the past. 'He called my single appallingly plastic.' And then she says she can fix it for Rhydian to win.
My dream ends as I sit in the audience watching the show. Rhydian is singing Barcelona. He is directly in front of Simon as he goes for his high C. Simon suddenly frowns then starts to look like he is in pain.
To be honest the dream gets really horrible here. Security people are rushing up, Simon is not looking good and is shouting out in pain. Rhydian, head lowered, looks ashamed. I wake up"

[if you have any dreams of Rhydian that you would like to share the]

MP3s: dream/nightmare music from Julee Cruise
Julee Cruise:Falling
Julee Cruise:Floating
video: Julee Cruise: rocking back inside your heart

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