Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Current Series 'Rubbish' say Journey South (who?)

Journey South are reported to have said that the current series of X Factor is rubbish.
Let's get this straight. Journey South, a group with a name that's a colloquialism for oral sex, two men that look like a couple of out-of-work builders and who bellow out sub-standard rock ballads to a small bewildered audience. This series is rubbish?
Have they not appreciated the visual and aural wonder that is the Rhydmeister. Have they not marvelled at the smiley, shiny faces of the 'prozac pair' Same Difference.
But best of all (unless I dreamt it) did they not see that trumpeter suddenly appear between Niki's legs last Saturday when she was singing All That Jazz. Where did he come from? Apparently she has a small jazz band concealed under her dress. An idea she probably got from Billy Holiday who was reknowned for such antics.
And talking about trumpeters the accompanying picture is of the legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. He's got a bit of a Rhydian going on with that hairstyle if I'm not mistaken.
(NOTE: you can find the Journey South article here. Or, simply do what I did and type the search words "Journey South Rubbish" into Google and you will find it. Apparently "Journey South Rubbish" is quite a popular search term)

Chet Baker & Art Pepper: CTA
Chet Baker & Art Pepper: For Minors Only
video: lets get lost, Chet Baker compilation

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