Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Rhydian - Conspiracy Theory No: 2

This Rhydian conspiracy theory comes via an e-mail from someone calling themselves XXX_Factor:

"My theory is that the whole series is a set up. Many people believe who is eliminated and who eventually wins The X Factor is fixed a little by mentors' song selection, direction and comments but I believe that in this series much more is going on. Rhydian knows he is going to win. He was chosen, before the audition shown, to play out the role of an 'over the top' showman. His role is to become a controversial, love him or hate him figure. But there's even more than that. An insider has leaked to me that Rhydian will have an 'affair' with Dannii during the show. There will be tons of press coverage, many denials, then eventually the truth about their affair will come out.

It is planned that all this will cause the struggling viewing figures (which they knew might be poor this series) to go ballistic ensuring everyone is happy, the producers, Dannii's rejuvenated career and ITV"

If you have a Rhydian conspiracy theory we would like to hear it. And now because Rhydian still hasn't sung a new song here is some opera and some Danniiiii...compare and contrast.

Luciano Luciano Pavarotti:Vesti la giubba from Paggliacci
Dannii Minogue: I Begin To Wonder
video: Dannii Minogue~I begin to wonder

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