Thursday, 8 November 2007

Rhydian: news from the blogs

X Factor forums and chatrooms have been alive all week discussing Futureproof's exit from the competition. Futureproof, a band that couldn't be more inappropriately named unless they called themselves '8 Track Stereo Cartridge'. Anyway, most discussion centres around how they would have survived if only they put the two short fellas in the middle rather than always stuck out on the ends. But this blog is not about losers, it is about Rhydian.
Some comments on the Rhydler from blogs and newspapers:-
A random comment from Rhydian fan
facebook wall:

"His performance of Phantom absolutely blew me away! If I had been at home at the time then I would have voted for him!"
from the blog louphoria:
"Rhydian Roberts (what a delicious name!), what a performer, what a voice, and what an interesting guy. I’ve always gone for the quirky ones, and let’s face it, we all know I have a soft spot for red heads. But it’s the respect I have for him for being so incredibly entertaining that makes him so appealing to me."
from the must read Bucks Free Press:
"Silver-suited Rhydian's act was like Liberace meets Shirley Bassey, and not in a good way I hasten to add. His delivery was something akin to Robosinger, but the judges loved it!" ....then, hilariously, talking about Same Difference:"It was a bit like watching The Carpenters on LSD"

And my favourite comment, possibly of all time, is from The Shropshire Star
"As a music mogul myself, albeit in a previous incarnation, I’d agree with Cowell’s assessment. Rhydian’s rendition of the classic Pink standard was inspirational. He owned the stage and made the song his own. In the words of Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The world is his oyster!"
Harold St. John Peasbody
MP3s: delicate, haunting it's The Young Marble Giants
Young Marble Giants: Searching for Mr Right
Young Marble Giants: Salad Days
Young Marble Giants: Choci Loni
video: YMG: NITA

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