Monday, 3 December 2007

Rhydian in the Simpsons

News reaches The Rhydian Factor of plans for Rhydian and some of the other contestants to appear in an episode of the Simpsons next year. It's still early days but the episode is believed to revolve around Homer starting a talent agency in Springfield. He strikes a major coup by gaining the American rights of the X Factor 2007 contestants in a naked fireside wrestle with Simon Cowell. Rhydian appears be-quiffed in his deep blue suit along with his faithful singing cat called Niki. Same Difference are depicted as Siamese twins who, when they aren't performing, bicker about trivial issues. In the story a rival agent unleashes a psychotic Celine Dion robot, which has a voice that can destroy buildings, to cause mayhem in the town and turn the residents against Homer. At the climax of the show Celine is in the nuclear plant about to sing it down when Rhydian and Niki confront her. Rhydian sings You Raise Me Up to her thus making her speechless, soundless and thankfully harmless for ever.
The show ends with the town celebrating and dancing in the streets to the soundtrack of Leon's comedy version of Crazy Little Thing Called Love
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