Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Rhydian: Songs for Dannii to Pick

A combination of (not obvious) songs for Rhydian to sing with a dream about Rhydian. In my dream it is final night and there is one song left for Rhyd, Leon and SD. Same difference have just done I Got You Babe whilst dressed as Barbie and Ken and bouncing on trampolines for the songs duration. Leon's turn. He sings Elvis's Hound Dog. And like on the 1956 Ed Sullivan show the cameraman and editors show Leon only from the waist up. Not because his sensual gyrations may cause hysteria but because producers are worried that he may wet himself in fear live on national TV.
Now its Rhydian. The songs opening chords and the audience instantly recognise Morrissey's lament The World Is Full of Crashing Bores. He sings, "You must be wondering how, the boy next door turned out. Have a care, But don't stare, because he's still there" The camera cuts to Rhydian's family in the audience, looking so proud but tears flowing down their faces. They know he's going to win and this moment is special but also he will never be the same again. Rhydian gets to the chorus, confident, walking to the front of the stage right in front of Sharon and he sings it to her, "They who wish to hurt you, Work within the law. This world is full, so full of crashing bores."
By now the whole audience are on their feet shouting out, hollering. Sharon looks like she is going to be sick. He begins the second verse as all of the 12 finalists walk onto the stage behind him,
"No it's just more lock jawed pop stars.
Thicker than pig shit, nothing to convey.
They're so scared to show intelligence.
It might smear their lovely career"

One more chorus then pandemonium as he finishes arms outstretched, eyes closed, "Take me, take me, won't you take me in your arms and Love Me"

MP3: Morrissey-the World is Full of Crashing Bores
video:Elvis :Hound Dog

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Blogger lightupvirginmary said...

'I am not one'- oh it'd be good. I don't think i've ever heard Moz on any singing competitions, not even the Rockstar INXS one.

5 December 2007 at 20:49  

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