Tuesday, 4 December 2007

X Factor eXecration #2

The Rhydian Factor is so confident of a Rhydian victory we have a guest writer that doesn't even like him - although no doubt that will change once she has had more exposure to him. What other fan blog does that? Lightupvirginmary writes a blog called Exitainment (vitriolic reviews, mainly focused on trashy TV) and now is featured in The Rhydian Factor
The Mirror have written an article slating Dermy! It's a little unfair, let's face it, he's a vast improvement on Kate 'shoutypuppeteer' Thornton. Although I quite enjoyed her continuous fashion blunders. Do you think she ever watches X these days? She probably watches it wearing Bridget Jones style undies and shovelling ice creamdown her throat, whilst simultaneously sobbing and sticking pins in an effigy of the Cowell. Anyway, I digress. I think the main problem with Dermot on X factor, is he's clearly Simon's bitch and nothing more. He might as well be a Ryan Seacrest doll. Big Brother's Little Brother was goddawful inparts, but at least Dermot got to be himself. On X Factor, he is just a toy, and his personality is quashed. But the whole show isn't about Dermot, as this article lies! He is just the advert glue. The article goes on to compare Leon to Fame Academy David Platt-alike David Sneddon! Nooooo! That is completely unnacceptable. Now Ainslie would be a different story... mmm, Ainslie...

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