Tuesday, 4 December 2007

X Factor Reviews and Betting Odds

Hecker Spray has a review of Saturday night's shows and comments on the latest odds for the contestants. The only worry to Rhydian's victory is 'twelfth-rate Sinatra impersonator' Leon, although he is a long way behind.
Rhydian Roberts 1 - 3 ;Leon Jackson 4 - 1 ;Niki Evans 7 - 1 ;Same Difference 12 - 1.
On these odds it could be Same Difference going home next week which, I'll be honest, would be a bit of a shame because for all their prozac grinned creepiness I'm starting to warm to them. Their performances, for whatever reason, are becoming one of the most memorable aspects of the show. If you watch the show in the company of 5-10 year olds you will find them fascinated by Rhydian, bored by Nikki and confused by Ratboy...but Same Difference have them jumping around on a sugar high. Let's hope Niki goes next week.
The brilliantly named and excellently written National Society for the Prevention of Joss Stone has a good show review. Highlights: "Niki then took to the stage to murder one of those Jim Steinman songs thats only complete with a f*ck off wind machine and leather trousers that even a three year old wouldn't squeeze into, with or without a bottle of baby oil" and on Leon (the Ratpack's tea boy) Jackson,"...still disturbed by that Max Wall dance he does (has he a broken hip? a wooden leg? i really don't know..) and there must surely be medication they can give him for those shakes" And a very good train of thought on Same Difference,"My mind drifted off to what song Same Difference should do if the prop they had for next week was indeed midgets on skates so i kind of missed the second half of the programme...and i think there's no question they should reinact Cliff Richard's "Wired For Sound" video. A midget can go flying past the boy from Same Difference, he's got that Cliff thing about him anyway"

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