Saturday, 8 December 2007

Rhydian:Week 8 Bridge Over Troubled Water / You'll Never Walk Alone

MP3s~ Rhydian:Bridge Over Troubled Water
Rhydian: You'll Never Walk Alone

Niki, "You could be somebody"
Mickey Bubbles thinks so too,"Niki has raw power" (like Iggy and the Stooges?)
She immediately proves him wrong by dripping her way through another forgettable ballad.
Leon, "A couple of months ago I was singing in my living room" (he doesn't mention the complaints from the neighbours)
Mr Buble, "You have killer control."
And just to show off his control he seems to belch the first note of the song. What follows is one of the most woeful tuneless, swingless performances ever heard. If Frank Sinatra was alive he would be ringing up a Mafia hitman and giving him the address of the TV studio. Now that would make a show.
Rhydian, "Never expected to get this far"
MB, "his voice has knocked me out"
Ladiesss and Gentlemen, It'sssss RRRRhhydiannnn! Dressed in satin he hits a perfect first note. This is coming easy to him No strain, just relaxing into the song. Simon & Garfunkel, sung with a rockstar's legs apart stance. He totally in control when he reaches for the killer long high finish. Perfect! Absolutely World Class!
SD, "We've had pillow fights, we've done everything"
MB, "Not enough Brother and Sister acts!!!!!"
Fire eaters, circus stage props, juggler, clown, wide eyed smiles, crystal ball reader ("I can see you wearing a red coat")muscle man, dancers...pants!
Niki, singing something that is relevant to her and means a lot. I was expecting "Beans Means Heinz" But its yet another dreary power ballad. Time started moving very slowly indeed.
Leon- Mickey Bubble's youngest fan by at least a decade kills stone dead any chance of a swing revival as he moves across the stage like some sort of crab. Old bandy legs is back in town.
Rhydian, a song he loves, but still a slightly odd song. He's been a star almost from the beginning of the competition and he controls this perfectly.You know he can sing almost anything. It's perfection. Let's hope that next week he gets out the glitter, picks an uptempo tune and wipes the floor with whoever is left. Maybe he should show Leon how to do swing?

SD again, And after the obligatory tears they've let the circus behind and sit calm on a park bench. The effects of the sugared fizzy drinks appear to have worn off too. A very dull performance. It is never a good look to combine a leather jacket with a white hoody. Never

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