Saturday, 8 December 2007

Rhydian: What's in a name #2

What seems like years ago I highlighted definitions of the name Rhydian in the online Urban Dictionary My full post is here and contains Urban Dictionary's most bizarre definition, "Resembles John McCririck in action and appearance"
I have just been told that they have an entry for 'Ridian', a common misspelling of 2007's X Factor winner. Bizarrely the main definition appears to perfectly sum up X Factor runner up (loser) Leon: Ridian: A person who resembles a rabbit in appearance (Big ears buck teeth) and/or personality (hyper and jumpy). In short rabbit + Person = Ridian.
And their example of usage: Dude, stop eating all the carrots! Don't be such a Ridian.
And the entry for Leon is even more unusual: Leon: Characterised by large hair, also known as helmet head. Example of use "My Leon helmet protects me from hail!"

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