Sunday, 2 December 2007

Rhydian: Week 7 Early blog news

Hooray, Hope have gone. A quick round up of the early posters in the blog world.
Bright light (Approved by Aled Jones) The blog always does straight, nice, summaries of each show and they get last night's performance by Rhydian spot on, "He (Rhydian) made Freddy Mercury’s song his own; a wonderful exciting performance! He owned the song and the stage"
Peggy's Dame Shirley Bassey blog (Shirley is Forever) The blog for all your Bassey needs,says, "Rhydian sang another Dame Shirley Bassey song on tonight’s show,I Vow To Thee My Country / World In Union complete with a big Welsh-sounding chorus.
Rhydian was nervous and said he was below par this week. He didn’t show it. The song was perfect for the rugby-mad patriotic Welshman with a splendid operatically trained voice."
Amies cool Blog (just freaking read it) Amie has a different reaction to SD than most people, "That was so freaking boring. The only act that waz good was same difference cos they kept me awake." and a good critique of song genre selection, "Don’t think Rhydian should be singing hymns, my little cous sings that at assembly." then gets Hope spot on, "No Hope were crap as always. Raquel doing the lead was funny though, cos she’s so freaking bad." and the man they aren't calling the Speyside Sinatra has the opposite effect to SD,"Leon, I was nodding off he was so boring. " It's possible that Same Difference and Leon's future lays in creating the perfect radio/alarm - one that lulls you to sleep instantly then wakes you every morning pepped up and ready to face the day.
And finally, next weeks loser, Niki, "... someone said she had an eating disorder. I don’t think it’s anorexia you know what I’m saying? And what Century was them songs from? The most exciting thing about her last song was the coffee pot whistling but if you weren’t at Luce’s you wouldn’t have heard that… unless you was making coffee too. "
And a general post about the decline of Western Civilisation and this years X Factor from,
dirty martini (old music for new people), "now, i love the x factor but this year it’s going downhill....
louis is doing that odd rocking backwards and forwards thing again which makes him look like an outpatient on bingo leave... dannii is clearly trying to rise above the unspoken criticism that she’s in no position to judge anyone’s singing ability. " Or maybe it's Brian's fault, " if they place the decline of this year’s x factor squarely at Brian Friedman's feet, as well they might, he’ll sing like a canary. a really camp one. " and his basic advice can be summed up as follows, " forget the fact that simon is running out of non-incestuous songs for same difference. we need to start over. "

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Blister , I am glad we have good reports. To me, Rhydian sounded original. If he did Somebody To Love in a manner similar to Freddie, everyone would have called it a copycat. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Rhyd gets brownie points from me for risking a totally different arrangement for the 2 minutes part.
You have you name mentioned a lot - with hatred - by the leon best buddies that make the site you quoted, with so much humour, a few articles below.The worms are out of the woodwork, take care, they fear is rising.

2 December 2007 at 22:53  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

I haven't personally received any correspondence, hate or otherwise from Leon fans. Could you direct me to where it is?
I started this blog as both my way of supporting Rhydian and as a writing and blogging exercise. Although, of course, the blog supports Rhydian in his attempt to win the X Factor I also print most negative reviews I find of him and summarise comments putting him down in the right hand column as well as comments praising him.

2 December 2007 at 23:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read - if you care- through that trollish SD leon thread, you will see where it is.Sadly, I meant to give you the link but had to rush and forgot.Now it will be maybe 100 pages (on DS) and georgietur(was DS, changed nick I think) were asking the Leon trolls how they can ban a blog and check the ownership.They were incensed you laughed at those stupid comments the Lemon fans are making.
Don't worry, though, someone else saved the posts and, if they ever do anything (which they won't) we will take care of it....
You just do your work, brilliant as usual!
Best wishes!

9 December 2007 at 16:50  

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