Monday, 3 December 2007

X Factor News

Some recent news articles and comments on this years X Factor.
This is London headlines their review, "Rhydian closes in on Xmas Number One" and is a fair review of this year's show except the claim that "Rhydian benefits from the weakness of his rivals" If anything you would think all that out of tune squawking would put him off. They also print a quote from Simon Cowell about Leon that I must have missed, "(He) is the British Michael Buble." Damned by faint praise indeed.
The blog The Woman Who Talked Too Much (usually all about Come Dancing) has a funny description of the final five including possibly the ultimate one of Same Difference. We will report, but pretend not to notice, her description of Rhydian "
Oh. My. God. What on earth is going on? EVERYBODY on X Factor this year is terrible. Hope, the girl band who make Pussycat Dolls look like differentiated individuals. Rhydian, the opera alien. Leon, the Rat Pack's tea boy. Niki the charisma black hole. And dear god in heaven, Same Difference, which is the singing equivalent of being tied up in a Barbie factory and force-fed glitter." You've got to remember that this is a woman who prefers to watch overweight footballer John Barnes doing the quick step in a sequined suit...hang on a minute, that does sound quite good.
Organ Grinder in the Guardian gives a fair and balanced review of Saturday Night's performances. Rhydian , "he scored by ending with I Vow To Thee My Country. A cover none of the other contestants would have got away with." And of Hope covering the Spice Girls, "I think we can all agree that the Spice Girls are no Destiny's Child, vocally, but I've never heard them sing this out of tune." The article is well worth a read but especially all the comments posted by Guardian readers including one poster who jokes that Leon must have attended the Douglas Bader Dance Academy and another who rehashes a joke, apparently from the Sun,"Leon went to Scotland, so securing the Scottish vote, Rhydian went to Wales thus securing the Welsh vote and Same Difference sang 'And when the world runs out of lovers, we'll still have each other' - therefore securing the Norfolk vote!!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Blister you really need to cover the remarkable resemblance Rhydian now has to Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Some say Leon is Frodo.

I'm sure you can work your comic book skills on that idea.

4 December 2007 at 11:56  

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