Sunday, 2 December 2007

Rhydian: thoughts about Week 7

Perez Hilton gets overly dramatic with a headline,"Rhydian has let us down!" Obviously this is hyperbole. They say, "His performance on X Factor Saturday night was safe, boring and uninspired. He coasted through it. Having said that, he’ll still likely make the final two...(with his) schmaltzy performance. "
Their thoughts do touch on a problem that as viewers get over the initial shock/thrill of watching Rhydian perform they get used to what he's doing and start seeing it as normal. Maybe he's peaked to soon? Maybe his best vocal in the series will be You Raise Me Up; his best theatrical moment Get the Party Started or Go West? Or maybe the best is yet to come?
After all the fans clamour for a song by Queen you get the feeling that perhaps operatic pop isn't his strongest suit. Having said all this, even with increasing familiarity, it was a thrill to see him on Saturday, dressed like the star he is, standing on the grand piano. On first viewing when the four backing singers joined the girl pianist I thought that he was doing a duet with Hope. Then they started singing in tune and I realised they were professionals. Even though these weren't his best performances they shone compared to the rest of the show which apart from a few stage gimmicks is quickly fading from memory.
And Sharon (piss in your suitcase) Osbourne, following the producers demands to be controversial and boost ratings said, "Leon has something in his eyes that Rhydian doesn't." I think she will find it's called 'fear'. If the program was called Fear Factor then I think we would be crowning the victor already.

favourite X Factor lyric of the night, Hope : "Tonight is the night that 5 become none"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gypsy rose me predicts that rydian will open the 2012 olympics with the world in unity!!

2 December 2007 at 23:29  
Blogger Lou said...

Yeah, Sharon got up my nose on Saturday with that eye crap too. Who is more expressive than Rhydian? Seriously? Certainly not that wee lad that dances like he's got an invisible space hopper between his legs.

I missed you on Saturday night Montegue - was looking forward to sharing thoughts. As the man himself said, not quite at the top of this game, but I still bounced up and down and clapped at the end of both (I'm not usually the bouncing sort).

I don't think he's peaked, I think he was very nervous, you could hear it in his voice, particularly when he was talking after the second performance. I think we're just waiting for a good song choice again - I know the second one he sang was a favourite, but they're not always the best suited. I really really hope Danny finds a fantastic song for him next week, something powerful to make everyone swoon. Best way to shut up Mrs. O as well, she can't resist a bit of a swoon no matter what the producers tell her to do.

3 December 2007 at 10:24  
Blogger Mr Blister said...

thanks for that Lou

3 December 2007 at 11:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"D'aaaaw. Thanks Sharrrron!"
Yeah, really, really cute legs.
*rolls eyes*

3 December 2007 at 17:37  

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