Wednesday, 12 December 2007

X Factor eXecration #3

The Rhydian Factor is so confident of a Rhydian victory we have a guest writer that doesn't even like him - although no doubt that will change once she has had more exposure to him. What other fan blog does that? Lightupvirginmary writes a blog called Exitainment (vitriolic reviews, mainly focused on trashy TV) and now is featured in The Rhydian Factor
News hit Digital Spy today that Kylie will be performing with Leon at this Saturday's final. I thought they'd drag her out at some point. Are they going to do a swing version of I Should Be So Lucky? Will Dannii be seething inside? Will Louis DARE make a cheeky joke about it? The report also says that Rhydian will be singing with Katherine Jenkins and Same Difference will perform with Jason Donovan. Is it me or did SD draw the short straw here BIG TIME? It's like saying Leon gets to go out with Angelina Jolie, Rhydian gets to cop off with Scarlett Johansson and Same Difference get to hang out with the Chuckle Brothers. Yeah, good luck winning the final with that one, SD. Aww, I feel kind of mean slagging off Jason Donovan. I loved him when I was about 9. Ah- I get why he's been teamed up with Same Difference now. So can Leon win with Kylie on his side? I don't see why not. Ryhdian can be defeated! *evil cackle*

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever duets with the monkey boy is committing career suicide.

I never realized Kyle was so desperate (my jaw dropped)

13 December 2007 at 00:27  

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