Friday, 14 December 2007

Rhydian: X Factor News~Jukebox Jewry

Another good summary of the current state of play from OrganGrinder in the Guardian. The piece worryingly titled 'X Factor Final:It's Wide Open' details who is singing what. It doesn't claim it is going to be a close race.
The Social Media Portal has a good piece on the finals, titled, "an epic battle between good and awful" There is much praise for Rhydian then this about Leon, "Judging by his nerves during the semi-final, this week could see Leon forsaking song to showcase a live panic attack instead" And about Same Difference, "Now that only the Nazis are harder to like than you, kindly take advantage of the glut of illegal weapons on the streets of Britain, and do the right thing." Seems a bit harsh.
And for a Jewish perspective of the X Factor I recommend you read Totally which has an article perfectly titled Jukebox Jewry. In it they state that , "Not everyone in the Jewish community agrees that the Welsh warbler is Leona's rightful heir." But then they canvas leading members of the community to get their opinions. Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, Head of Community Development of Liberal Judaism prefers SD for their cheesiness and the good role model they set for family values. But almost all the rest agree that Rhydian should win including Jon Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies who says: “According to the rest of my family, the blond chap who looks like he is from outer space should win, so I will follow their expert advice and agree!” Good man!

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