Friday, 14 December 2007

Rhydian:Bits and Bobs

From the Stage where The Bandy Terror, Leon, has obviously made a big impression, "tonight should be a two horse race between Rhydian and Same Difference – I’m not even sure what the other boy is called."
Blog hip young gunslinger(don't be a rock singer) are the first blog to jump ship. Concerned that Rhydian is singing, " shades of operatic shit instead of donning the sailor gear and wowing the crowd" they have switched allegiance to Same Difference. The motto they quote, "A Vote against Same Difference is A Vote For the Bullies" is actually a facebook group here which is well worth a read for the fabulous sarcastic quotes readers have written on their wall. Comments such as:
"How do you vote against them? Is there a seperate number? Can I have it?"
"I moved to South London and lost my faith in humanity. Then I saw Same Difference and I was healed."
and my favourite
"Earlier today I was on an ice rink and I saw this young boy performing Michael Jackson on ice skates and these bullies came over and pushed him over saying "You'll never be a pop star". I wanted to cry.Then I came home and watched Same Difference on YouTube and my faith too was restored. What God does not give us, Same Difference doth provide"
Because I'm getting kinda nervous, here is a nervous kinda video: talking heads:Psycho Killer

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