Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Rhydian:Reasons to Vote for Rhydian #213/Fashion

Ignore the fact that he has the best voice, the most personality, superior hair, interesting, if unusual dance moves and superior moral of the main reasons that the Rhydler deserves our vote this coming weekend is for that glitter suit and fur coat combination that he wore during Get the Party Started.
A key moment in his 'journey'. When it was first announced that Rhydian was going to do Pink some wag quipped, "Does her husband know?" Whatever, it was a perfect performance. Starting in the audience, oozing star quality. Twirling the fur coat and throwing it away - his only mistake as he planned it to cover Louis's ugly mug - to reveal the world sparkliest suit. The sort of suit that could make you be seen from the moon yet still didn't detract from a sublime vocal performance. The song also contains my favourite Rhyd vocal moment, right at the end, where he squeals, "right now".
Get your dialing fingers ready.
There is a superb humorous article all about X Factor Fashion in the Times which asks the pertinent question whether the show is more about clothes than music, " minute you’re fighting back the tears because a contestant has just revealed that her 108-year-old granny has bubonic plague, the next you’re holding your breath in case the metallic “taffeta” sausage tubes encasing Niki set the series’ entire stock of fireworks off in one go"
Mentions of Rhydian's glitter and Alexander McQueen suits are present and correct, but no mention how Sean (from married couple The Same Difference) has gone from dressing like an American high school nerd to his latest black leather jacket and white hoody look in the space of 8 weeks! Now that's a journey.
The blog has detailed lists of what everyone wore: week 8; week 7; week 6

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