Sunday, 9 December 2007

Rhydian: Blog reviews of Week 8:The Knight of Silver

juicy uk in a post titled Niki Was Robbed has just about given up on the show, " can idiots like Same Difference, Rhydian and Leon still be in the competition ...I don't give a shit who wins as the final 3 are total jokes i won't be watching anymore its not a talent show anymore."
The ever vitriolic
exitainment (let me waste your time, as well as mine), "To entertain myself this week I decided to cliche spot. Sadly for me, we only got 'the gloves are off', 'dark horse', 'hairs on the back of my neck stood up' (twice), and 'nailed it' 7000 times. Simon's normally good for a 'thousand percent' or two, so shame on him."
"Niki performed one dreary song and one which made Louis nod his head like a little puppy. I like it when he does that. I was glad Niki went 'back to serving beans next week'"
"Leon sang two interminable jazz numbers, shaking like an abused kitten in his dad's suit for the first song... (he) wore leather trousers for his second number, which looked horrible and you couldn't even see his knob. Boo. He looked like he was going to death row, and was lucky to survive, in my opinion. Sort it aht, Leon. We're relying on you in this house to eat next week."
"Dannii missed a trick by not getting Grhydian to sing 'Like a Virgin'! That would have brought the fucking house down."
''The Same Difference' as Michael Buble called them (and it's a much better name) sang one of Simon's favourite gay anthems for the first song. One of the dancers had a Same Difference tattoo! So at least the have one fan for life (or until he has a bath).
New blog discovery,
knights of pain table(A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain) writes its reviews in King Arthur Speak which I like so much I am considering writing in the same style in this blog till the final, "We hath an interest in this Welsh Minstrel, as he is rather lost in time like us in the Kingdom of Camelot. We do not know who he will be each week. His talent is endless. Blessed with a brilliant voice he hath talent in many other areas. This Welsh minstrel appears to be the favourite to conquer this singing joust"
"We loveth the creativity that Rhydian bringeth to this world of ours. We must ride with this Knight of Silver"
Indeed we musth. Boys and girls of the kingdom there are 7 days till we are rid of the scourge of the one we call the Ratboy. Beckon all in this fair land to ride with the Knight of Silver. The singing joust must be his...onwards!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you Mr Blister. Thats hysterical. This blog is a work of comedy genius.

9 December 2007 at 19:46  
Anonymous Lady Sharon said...

Good Tidings,

We are honoured for your visit to our humble Kingdom of Camelot. We loveth your Kingdom devoted to the Knight of Silver and thank you for sharing all the good news.

May we all continue to ride with this Welsh Minstrel Rhydian.

Your humble Scribe,
Lady Sharon
The Knights of the Pain Table

8 January 2008 at 09:28  

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