Friday, 14 December 2007

Rhydian: Uptown Top Ranking

It's hard to believe that the journey is nearing the end. Soon the train that is X Factor will be pulling into the final station. Everyone will disembark, Rhydian to jump onto a different train heading to the city of Super-stardom. Leon and Same Difference will try and cadge a job working the buffet and the rest of us, holding our platform tickets, will wave them on their merry way, ... anyway, enough of train metaphors. What I really want to talk about is me, and where this website has got to in Google. Most visitors coming via a Google search arrive on expected searches such as 'Rhydian', 'Is Rhydian Gay', 'What song did Rhydian sing...' However there are far more interesting ways to get here. Here are the best.
leon jackson ratboy (number 1 on Google)
the anagrams of Rhydian Roberts Sir Hydrant Bore (1) and His Bandy Terror (1)
worst girl band in history (2) a post of mine about Hope. Number 1 is about the band The Shaggs
same difference pooper scooper (2)
Rhydian Iran (1) ; stagefright leon (4) ;Rhydmeister (3) ; Rhydian in the Simpsons (1) ;Welsh Minstrel (5) Number 1 is about thoroughbred horses.
And the one I am most proud about It looks like Marmite is back in fashion (1)
Slightly dissappointing are the following:
dreary power ballad (page 2) for a post about Niki
Rhydian wipe clean bookmark (2) beneath the Money Saving Expert forum!!!!
scary twins sing (nowhere to be seen but a no:1 for james Mastersons blog entry about Same Difference)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rhydian is too good for the show. It´s a crime if he doesn´t win (seriously). Even Kyle seems to be intimidated by his powerful voice.

Good luck Rhydian!


15 December 2007 at 12:13  

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