Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Rhydian v Michael Jackson

There have been persistent rumours surrounding this X Factor series that Simon is trying to get Michael Jackson to be involved as the contestants guide/inspiration for one of the weeks. This has got to happen. Jackson meeting the Rhyd-meister would probably be the years greatest car crash television ever. Michael in his wispy voice giving the Rhydler some show business advice only to be stopped dead by 'the voice'. Wouldn't you love to see Mr Jackson's face as he realises there is someone in the pop world crazier than himself.

And what is it with Simon's attraction to people who have undergone drastic facial surgery. Obviously Sharon and Danniii are no stranger to the surgeon's knife, then he tries to get in the king of plastic Michael Jackson. And there is no way Louis Walsh would get near a television camera if he hadn't have had the operations - that's right you should have seen him before!

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