Sunday, 11 November 2007

Andy Williams goes~a post that's NOT about Rhydian!

In an edition that shocked no one, last night Andy Williams was kicked off the X Factor. Although he tried desperately to gain telephone votes by raising and then wiggling both eyebrows, whilst looking straight into camera, it wasn't to be enough.
BBCi reports:"Dannii Minogue, apologised to him for choosing the wrong song for him to perform - Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. "I feel terrible," she said (not as terrible as those of us who had to listen to him felt) The article then goes on to say, "Seven acts remain in the competition, including girl band Hope." Presumably even they are shocked that no hopers Hope remain.
Simon said: "I think that was like eating caviar with salad cream." Andy looked confused at the analogy, others felt a little sick at the thought of Simon's bizarre eating habits. Then, in response to criticism by Dannii of being out of touch, Louis made the odd claim that Simon and himself were "...having hits in the charts you're not!"
Andy lost votes, was forced to sing again and then was promptly booted out. He started crying. If you switched over to ITV2 you could watch him crying some more. If you finished that you could then switch to ITV2+1 to watch him crying from the beginning again.
MP3s to cheer up a nation in mourning. Here is some Chic
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Chic: I Want Your Love
video:Chic:le freak
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