Friday, 2 November 2007

The Original Riddler

When thinking of songs for Rhydian (winner of X Factor 2007) Danniii Minogue is so far picking obvious ones that highlight his immense vocal power, however, we at The Rhydian Resource feel that she should think outside of the box a little.

She should be told of the original Riddler, Frank Gorshin. Manic comedian Frank starred in dozens of films but is best remembered for his amazingly vivid performances of The Riddler in the 1960's Batman series. His energetic, wild eyed, cackling performances once seen are never forgotten. But he also made a stab at pop stardom with a song, inevitably, called the Riddler

It is a brilliant, brilliant piece of 60's pop kitsch - and this is where the campaign starts for Rhydian to cover this song, dressed in full green Riddler leotard. Think how immense that would be.

Riddle me this Miss Minogue, What do you call a woman who in week 1 says 'It's a NO from me' then three weeks later says 'Viva la Diva'?
Answer: Danniiiiii

All together now:
Hey diddle diddle, the hole in the middle
Hey diddle diddle, the hole in the middle

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