Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pop Star in a Coma, I know, I know It's Really Serious

Another off-subject post: Lachrymose loser Andy Williams has been sobbing his heart out to ITN ,
"It just all goes so quickly. A few minutes ago I was in the very first audition. It's all happened so fast and then the bubble bursts"
The tear stained popstar-in-a-coma blabbered on, "I will carry on and see if I can try and be a singer. I love singing, I love dancing and hopefully I can pursue that and try and make something happen." You have been warned.
(The accompanying picture of Andy shows him experimenting with an early form of the Rhydian haircut)
MP3s:The Real Andy Williams
Andy Williams:Can't Get Used to Losing You
Andy Williams:Music to Watch Girls Go By
Andy Williams: It's so Easy

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