Saturday, 17 November 2007

Rhydian: More News from the blogs

What are people saying about last night's performance by the Rhydler?
OMG I Love her Style say, "I have now turned all my support to my second favourite the incredible Rhydian Roberts!!This week, he camped it up to the extreme with a cover of the Village People's Go West.he's the most fabulous and over the top contestant on the show!!!P.S. How can you not love a guy with a quiff like that?"
TV Scoop,"Clearly way outside his comfort zone tonight - and he admitted as much - Rhydian nevertheless once again showed what a true professional he is and gave everything to his performance. No matter what this guy does it's always entertaining and always worth watching"
Bright Vision, a blog that Thora Hird would still approve of gets it just about right"Rhydian’s performance was not his best but I still loved watching him and seeing his enjoyment as he performed. Tonight’s show was the least enjoyable for me. I hope the next week’s theme is better than disco. I was not so keen on the music chosen tonight. Rhydian is the only performer we can rely on"

Exitainment, "They are always harping on about the acts being modern, then they set them themes like country music, or heavy metal week (actually, that would be amusing) then moan at them for not being contemporary." He goes on to say how all the acts left him cold including, "Rhydian- awful" then, "Dannii seemed to have a mild form of retardation that made her make stupid comments really loudly, followed by a 'woo!' "
But X Factor post of the week goes to Gettographer which has a brilliant post titled, "Alisha to win X Factor" and dated 17/11. The entry has been edited at 9.30 to read, "Unfortunately Alisha didn't make it to the next round."

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Blogger lightupvirginmary said...

wow. your blog is showing some dedication indeed. I enjoyed the clips of Rhydian's ginger hair. He shouldn't hide his ginger shame.

18 November 2007 at 15:28  
Blogger Claire said...

I find it hard to imagine that Danni couldn't find a better song for him than "Go West", saying there weren't any operatic disco songs. I'm sure there were loads of really melodic 70s disco tracks by bands like the Stylistics and suchlike that could have been adapted, though I'm not an expert. She must have preferred the camp spectacle...

18 November 2007 at 17:27  
Blogger joe said...

did i say something wrong?

18 November 2007 at 20:39  

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