Friday, 2 November 2007

Rhydian to Get the Party Started

Rumours abound about the choice of song that the Rhydmeister will sear into the nation's consciousness on Saturday night. It's not Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bohemian Rhapsody or even Creep. Instead, possibly, it will be that tribute to dropping Ecstasy ~ Get the Party Started by Pink.
No doubt Rhydian will sing it in the style of Wales' third best singer Shirley Bassey - but even so it is an inspired choice.

But surely it's about time the X Factor team put some sort of decent production around the singers. What I want to see is, as the music starts, Rhydian being lowered from the ceiling sitting cross legged on a giant ecstacy tab. To improve it even more they could have the other X Factor contestants staring up in awe from the stage. And instead of having a smiley face the ectasy pill has Rhyd's face drawn on it. As Rhydian lands on the stage he stares at the camera and a nation understands that this is a singer better than any drug.
The Rhyddler has arrived and it's time to start the party.

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