Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Rhydian:news from the blogs

The Guardian online blog (almost as good a read as Peggy's Shirley Bassey blog but not quite) has a good article all about the Rhydler. Titled 'Get Ready for Rhydian' the article describes the Rhydian effect well, "The Welsh baritone is an unstoppable juggernaut who crashes through your Saturday peak viewing, grabs you by the lapels, bellows into your face and demands your undivided attention" The writer has a go at deciding who he looks like, " turning up for his Pink cover looking like Max Headroom styled by Liberace" and says why he must win, "we need someone as talented as Rhydian if the show is to make someone a real star."
Also on the Guardian there is an article on bench pressing which mentions, "Rhydian has a claim to fame from a decade ago that ensures he'll get the votes of weight trainers across the land. Roberts, it turns out, was the junior Welsh bench press champion, and fifth best in the UK."
And finally the story titled 'Rhydian does Westlife' on ITV.com is, unfortunately, not a report on the Rhydmeister's violent physical attack on Westlife, rather it is just a link to last week's video.
MP3s:because it's ages till he sings again heres some psychedelic indie stuff
The Panda Band:Eyelashes
video~panda band:eyelashes

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