Tuesday, 27 November 2007

X Factor eXecration #1

The Rhydian Factor is so confident of a Rhydian victory we have a guest writer that doesn't even like him - although no doubt that will change once she has had more exposure to him. What other fan blog does that? Lightupvirginmary writes a blog called Exitainment (mainly focused on trashy TV) and now is featured in The Rhydian Factor
Shayne 'No U Hang Up' Ward's golden nuggets of wisdom on the Final 6 (make that 5 now):
Shayne on Leon: 'He needs to deal with negative comments.' He does deal with them! The only comments you ever got was Sharon borderline indecently-assaulting you in public.
Shayne on Hope: 'Full of energy and like the Spice Girls' i.e. they can't sing.
Beverley... well, we know how that ended.
Same Difference: 'they crack me up... watch this space.' I've been watching it. Nothing happened.
Niki: 'Sings from the heart' i.e. rolls out her sob story every week and squeezes a tear out in the hope of securing the granny/ gullible vote.
Rhydian: 'He's classic- a God-given talent... reminds me of Chico' Hold on, that's a bit of a contradiction. Chico's only God-given talent was being a genetically-engineered sleazy Spanish waiter whom you'd run screaming from if he approached you on holiday. He was less a talent and more of a repellent. Still, at least Chico had something loveable about him!

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