Saturday, 17 November 2007

News of the Rhydian:The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As tonight's episode creeps ever closer, a few bits of Rhydian News.
The good...
Unreality TV report that Girls Aloud have watched Rhydian's rehearsal of Go West. He believed his performance, wearing a navy uniform, might possibly be too camp but they told him he was brilliant and to "camp it up...the camper the better". Hmmm. Read the full report here.
the bad...
Blogger miss x states in a post titled 'Made in Wales, Made me Cringe', that, "...this man is not a pop star, which is what this competition is all about - finding The Next Big Thing. If there's any place that would suit The Riddler down to the ground it's musical theatre. Know what I mean?" Read the rest of her dribblings here, leave comments, etc..
...and the ugly
NOW magazine reports Danniii Minogue as saying, "I am not having any more Botox" Presumably because there is none left. She's had it all.
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