Saturday, 17 November 2007

A post off topic: Songs for Leon

Ms Minogue has made some poor song choices for her artists but X Factor inside sources have revealed she has a brilliant song for Leon 'stage fright' Jackson in next week's show. Bright Eyes. Yes! Art Garfunkel's number one hit was about his dying father but is famous for being used in the rabbit film Watership Down. The sources further reveal that to complement Leon's performance style he will be dressed in full rabbit costume and the stage lighting will simulate the effect of car headlights shining directly into his face.
Let's hope he goes for the Matthew Butler version of the song from TISWAS (a style of singing that Leon could easily emulate) rather than the Garfunkel version. This could be just the performance that swings it for Leon.

MP3: Bright Eyes
Art Garfunkel:Bright Eyes
Matthew Butler:Bright Eyes
video~Matthew Butler:Bright Eyes

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Blogger Bunny Boy said...

Hey....I am Matthew Butler and am quite Peeved at someone stealing my rabbit costume wearing

Please join the Facebook group which is trying to get the ROCK classic re released.....

Spread the word....


20 November 2007 at 19:46  

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