Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Rhydian: goes to college

The Camarthen Journal is reporting Rhydian (Wales first winner of the X Factor) made a surprise visit to his old school, Llandovery College, on Monday. The paper reports he made a flying visit and was given a hero's welcome , "The first thing he wanted to do was find his music teacher Vivienne Couch and our head of music Emma Lewis. Then he crept up on some unsuspecting year eight pupils in the middle of a singing lesson." I bet they got a shock.
The Welsh wonder, dressed head to toe in a diamond encrusted white leather flying suit then visited the rugby pitches followed by his parents' home. His Mother said, "It was wonderful to be able to make him a cup of tea in his favourite cup again - it seems such a long time."
At The Rhydian Factor we believe we know what the Rhydler's favourite cup looks like. It's the 'Born To Be Mrs Rhydian Roberts' tea mug and is on E Bay for a mere £4.99.

read the full article here ; see the Born to be Mrs Rhydian Roberts mug here

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