Thursday, 22 November 2007

Rhydian: Mentor interviewed on Paul O'Grady Show

Gorgeous super talented mentor of X Factor winner Rhydian was interviewed on today's Paul O' Grady show. The 'highlight' was Paul wearing a Rhyd Wig (can you get those somewhere?) saying he looked a little like Erazerhead and then pretending to be Rhydian's grandfather. Paul also told Dannii how he would like Rhydian to appear on the show: topless and oiled in tight fitting ripped jeans, his hair cut in a flat-top and carrying a bullwhip. Let's hope Dannii took his ideas on board.
If you missed the interview, you can listen again by downloading the
MP3 here
Don't forget the blog danniisxfactor for all your Dannii news and needs

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