Monday, 19 November 2007

Rhydian: Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Shocking X Factor news in today's Daily Mirror.
Leon has accused Rhydian (winner of X Factor 2007) of cheating, "Leon, 21, said, 'It's not fair he's had seven years of voice coaching and singing lessons. None of the rest of us have had that. Rhydian can sing and that makes the playing field uneven as far as I'm concerned.' Bubbly Midlands songstress Niki, 43, added, 'Also, both his parents are still alive. That can't be fair can it?' The Mirror contacted Simon Cowell's office to ask him about the latest scandal to hit X Factor and was given a statement which read, 'Simon has a girlfriend. He is not and has never been gay.'"

Further comments on Rhydian's Go West performance appear to back the majority view that it wasn't his best song selection or performance but mention must go to the people who comment on the videos on You Tube. Under Rhydian's video someone stated that they weren't happy with his performance. They weren't complaining about song choice, perceived campness, his voice or choice of costume. No, they were upset because he saluted with his left arm rather than his right. "No country in the world has an army that salutes with their left arm," they fumed. Sack the choreographer I say.

(Only 1 of the above stories is made up)

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Blogger Liam said...

Leon is chatting shit. Just what on Earth is he going on about? You can probably tell by now that I HATE LEON. X Factor is there to act as a platform for "unknowns" which Rhydian is and make them famous. Voice training is not cheating and never will be - you need a good voice to begin with. Leon should be grateful he made it to the final 10 as his performances are completely shit. I think I speak the voice of Same Difference and Rhydian fans here.

20 November 2007 at 13:28  

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