Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Rhydian News from the Blogs-Best ever lookalikee~Iced Gems

The Welsh Wizzard's X Factor performances continue to cause waves around the world. Here are some recent posts about his albino bequiffed greatness.
In Case You Cared talking about Go West!
"THIS GUY IS WAY BETTER THAN JORDIN SPARKS. This is all over youtube, Rhydian Roberts is on the X-Factor which is the UK, American Idol. Why can't there be cool people like that on AI. Those back ground guys are sexy too."
Tasty Tacky hits the nail on the head in a post called 'Rhydian has stolen my heart', "It's like Sigfried and Roy had a threesome with Freddie Mercury and all of them birthed a beauteous lovechild. Rhydian is so beautiful. F**k Leona Lewis. X Factor has made a newer, better star."
Hip Young Gun Slinger
In a post titled: Sublimely Rhydiculous, "Here is Liberace’s grandson doing ‘Go West’ on Saturday’s X Factor.The highlights are:-
*Amazing Stars In Their Eyes-style entrance culminating in military salute.
*Marching on the spot while singing.
*WALKING BACKWARDS while singing.
*Simon Cowell’s general bewilderment.
*The dancers tossing off at the end.(???)
Aside from giving just about the only decent vocal performance of the evening (the lad can’t half sing, etc.), Rhydian also impressed with his hair, which, as it grows in height, is starting to remind of us something…"

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