Sunday, 25 November 2007

Rhydian: News from the Blogs no:523

In the old days if you wanted to become a singing super star you honed your craft by countless hours touring the country and singing to disinterested people. Today all you need to do is make a Minogue cry, albeit on television. A sorry state of affairs...but he did sing Somewhere marvellously. So, what does the world at large think of 2007s X Factor winner, Rhydian?
Peggy's Shirley Bassey Blog (Shirley is forever),"Rhydian Roberts performed another winner this week... It looks like another Welsh singer is going to be a big star!"
Perez Hilton ,"He won’t be quite the international superstar that Leona Lewis is poised to be, but Rhydian will be a good X Factor champ. He’s definitely the best of this season’s lot. He brought Dannii to tears!"
The Simon Times (a blog obsessively all about one person(imagine that!), Simon Cowell) quotes Dannii in More magazine,"Rhydian Roberts is very handsome in real life. He's great. He's perfectly well proportioned and a real gentleman, and I love that. People love to hate him but when they meet him they change their minds and say “I love this guy.” He's cool.'
Lucy's blog (Don't piss off the writer, she might write a book about you and kill you!) A brilliant read, "X Factor was somewhat shit last night. Except I was watching it in my pyjamas in bed, which was ace! My fluffy pyjamas, at that." she goes on to say how shocked she is about Bev, then," I think Hope were pretty shit to be honest, but it's only because loads of blokes are perving on them and voting for them, I reckon." and on to the Rhydler and it's not looking good for him,"...this year I'm not really willing anyone to win, as long as its not Rhydian. He sends chills through me when he sings, and not in a good way. Ergh. He's sooo bloody vile and I didn't know the song he was singing either." So maybe don't visit Lucy's blog for Rhydian love but at least she had this missive about SD,"Same Difference made me want to spew up... pretty sure the only reason I didn't is because I'd wolfed down the last of my Cadbury's Buttons and I wasn't going to waste them. Instead I took a nice big swig of my vodka and coke." Excellent stuff.
No Damn Blog blog (The rants, raves and ramblings of an author and editor living in the land of the long lunch) A seriously good post which makes the valid point that Rhydian doen't spit at his audience. What's not to like about that?, "Why do so many people tag Rhydian Roberts, X Factor’s outstanding contestant, as weird? His current hair style is a little odd, agreed, but that’s not his choice. Leaving aside his “makes-my-hair-stand-on-end-voice”, he has a great physique; loves his family; doesn’t spit at audiences. He’s polite; he has performed graciously and good-naturedly and kept his dignity when dressed as Liberace and later in the horrible sailor suit. He’s a Christian (I’m not, but I don’t think that being one necessarily qualifies as being weird). He’s well-educated, well-spoken, and as far as I have been able to see, doesn’t have any piercings. He doesn’t say “You know what I mean?” at the end of every sentence.So how, precisely, is he weird? "

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