Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Rhydian: news from the blogs

In particular, news from Rhydian's blog on MySpace in which he talks about his coming performance on Saturday's show. He is 'knackered', modest as always and reminds us to vote for him. This week is disco week and the Rhydmeister says, "I'm going to be singing a very camp song... I am going to be having a Welsh male voice choir singing with me and that should make it a lot of fun." Fun?! Good God! Has anyone ever tried combining disco, opera, campness and Welsh male voice choirs before? Is he sure we can handle it?
It's just possible that we are seeing a new musical form being born here. He is only a contestant on a reality game show and here he is fusing genres, creating new art forms in front of your eyes on prime-time Saturday night television. This week could be the big one. In years to come people will say, 'where were you when Rhydian invented Discoperachoir?'
I for one can't wait.

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