Friday, 30 November 2007

Rhydian: News

Fridays always seem a bit slow on the Rhydian and X Factor news front and today is no different. Shock, horror! Both the Daily Mail's showbiz correspondent and the Mirror have just discovered that Rhydian's hair colour may not be completely natural and that he is actually ginger. The piece in the Mail tries to make something of a story that wasn't really news 6 weeks ago and debates whether he is a 'traitor to his ginger roots'
As the Rhydler prepares to show up the rest of the competition for the second rate karaoke singers they truly are Digital Spy reports that there is conflict in the Simon's other group, married couple Same Difference. Apparently she's left her room messy and hasn't learnt her harmony lines. He's a moaner because she hasn't had time, what with having to do all the washing and iron his y-fronts.
Then there is the missing cat Cornflake that spent six days on the X Factor set, after being transported there in a joiner's van. A source on the set said, "Some of the staff had periodically heard this odd high pitched screeching sound but they just assumed it was Niki in a rehearsal room somewhere"

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