Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Rhydian: News...Rhydian (not Phoebe) is a Dog!

A good review of last Saturday's perfomance on ROT WATCH. Highlights, "Rhydian stole the show...he managed to bring a tear to Rotwatcher's peep, while Mrs Rot was weeping buckets. Leon was ok, if you like crooner re-treads. Hope did a Christina Aguilera song which I didn't now, which I find no compulsion to remedy. Phoebe has a horrible, harsh instrument and some serious intonation problems...Simon must have paid for armies of tin-eared monkeys to phone to keep Same Difference"
Fearne Cotton in This Is Scotland is quoted as saying, "I think Rhydian is great. Career-wise he could be really successful and at this point I would put my money on him" but then loses all our respect when she confuses vunerability with stagefright, "I really like Leon because he gets really nervous and I think that you get to see his vulnerability"
Organ Grinder in the Guardian asks, Is This Really A Talent Show? and makes the usual points, but about Rhydian he says
,"(He) made a glorious comeback from last week's lacklustre performance. He gave us a goosebump-inducing version of West Side Story's Somewhere. Sharon rightly pointed out what a huge mistake Andrew Lloyd Webber had made by not noticing Rhydian's talent for musical theatre in the auditions for Joseph."
RHYDIAN NEWS OF THE DAY is from Dogs Blog.com (Bring Joy, adopt a dog) which is a dog adoption blog (I kid you not). They have a great looking new greyhound to adopt, called, Rhydian.
"Rhydian is 5 months old and was found straying in County Durham. He has a touch of kennel cough poor lad, but he is gorgeous. He races around and throws himself at you.He is a very obedient lad, house-trained, good with everyone and everything. He will need a home with the time and patience to train and socialise a pup."
Don't all rush at once.

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